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Guild Wars 2's Skimmer mounts are going underwater

Guild Wars 2’s Skimmer mounts are likely underwater

The eighth anniversary of the fantasy MMO Guild Wars 2 is coming afterwards this month, and to mark the instant ArenaNet is creating a large alter to the Skimmer mount. The manta-like Skimmers, introduced in the Route of Hearth expansion in 2017, generally skim a couple ft previously mentioned the surface—that’s where the identify will come from, see—but quickly, they will also be ready to have their riders deep underwater.

This is a big offer for a few of reasons. There are at the moment no Guild Wars 2 mounts that can go underwater, for a single factor, so this will be the 1st chance for gamers to capture a ride beneath the waves. It is also the 1st time that ArenaNet has long gone back again and added this sort of operation to an existing mount. Both of those details are alternatively extraordinary for an MMO that’s eight years previous, but the studio explained that players have been contacting for this considering that the the Route of Hearth enlargement went reside three several years back.