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Hackers have returned what was stolen after the biggest cryptocurrency theft: Cryptocurrency: Economy:


Blockchain platform Poly Network reported that hackers have fully recovered stolen funds in the largest crypto theft. The attackers recovered $ 577 million of the $ 610 million stolen. Poly net set on Twitter, giving users full control over these assets.

In addition, negotiations began to return the remaining 33 million, frozen by Tether Limited immediately after the hack. Poly Network urged the owners of the Tether cryptocurrency to be patient and wait for the funds to be unlocked.
The platform thanked the hackers for returning the stolen goods. After the theft, they reported that they were having fun and just wanted to test the vulnerability of the platform. Experts suggest that the attackers initially planned to misappropriate the cryptocurrency, but changed their minds due to difficulties in withdrawing funds.

Poly Network works on the principle of an aggregator, combining different blockchains. In mid-August, the platform reportedthat hackers stole $ 610 million by exploiting a vulnerability in the system. The platform, through Twitter, asked the hackers to return the stolen goods, recalling the dangers of being prosecuted by law enforcement agencies in different countries. On the same day, the hackers began to return the stolen goods. Poly net promised Pay them 500 thousand dollars.

Since the beginning of the year, according to CipherTrace, $ 361 million has been stolen from the DeFi (decentralized financial services) space almost three times more than in all of 2020. DeFi hacker attacks account for 54 percent of all cryptocurrency fraudulent activities . The head of one of Binance’s largest crypto exchanges, Changpeng Zhao, said that he knew about the preparation of the Poly Network hack, but did not explain why he did not try to prevent it.

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