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Hala learns from the past to create a unique refined experience


Ubisoft’s latest entry in the popular stealth RPG series is a departure from previous titles, but that’s not a bad thing.

I have taken Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla Shortly after, Boxing Day went on sale. I was just getting off to a well-deserved vacation and wanted to see what third-party developers are doing with the Xbox Series X; most of what I played up to that point was making games or exclusively optimized games. for new generation equipment.

I had always been interested in the historical mix of science fiction and non-fiction that the show presented and had just finished. Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey– So I couldn’t wait to play something new in this universe.

I have read user reviews that have portrayed the game in a negative light. People complained about the place, it wasn’t as nice as Odyssey Ancient Greece: Others have said that the game’s combat lacked the precision and elegance that previous versions offered.

But one of the biggest complaints I read was something I was looking for in a game: the amount of time people spend in the game. I have always liked games that featured a rich world where you can relax. Diving for a while, but during a global pandemic, I was more attracted to games that have a lot of moving parts.

I took a chance and spent the money hoping that the game had enough to keep me interested despite all these flaws people have mentioned online.

But I didn’t expect me to fall in love with the “flaws” of the game, because what a lot of those reviews didn’t provide was one important detail: context.

A brave fight for a brave time

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla Follow Eivor – Viking – as he sets out on a journey through Europe, starting with Norway, a journey through the UK, and finally part of Vinland (what we now call North America).

As a seasoned Viking, Ivor is no stranger to combat. Players focused on exploration will face combat in the form of raids with the crew of Ivor, a team of Vikings known as the Raven Clan.

And while these criticisms are correct that combat is different from previous articles in the series, I don’t agree that it’s a bad thing.

Valhalla The combat makes the game more believable. If Ivor ran brilliantly around the raid, the game would be a lot less immersive.

Instead, fight Valhalla It’s more of a gimmick and cut with a layer of granules on top, something that resonates better with your period.

This fact is due to the graphic appeal of the game due to its original configuration. The game may not be so pretty Odyssey Ancient Greece, however, is due to the fact that the game is mainly set in the UK, where plains and hills are a common landscape.

Plus Valhalla Take those details to a level that needs to be truly experienced. The game is mostly set during the fall and winter seasons, which gave the development team plenty of opportunities to create a really cool color scheme.

The images may lose their Mediterranean appeal, but the introduction of fog, dynamic weather, and vibrant fall colors add a new level of beauty to Murderous doctrine Universe.

Fully polished package

The point I am trying to make here is that the sum of Valhalla The games are not comparable to other games in the series.

First i looked Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla Because I wanted something that could keep me entertained for hours while the pandemic restrictions continued to increase. I really got it from ValhallaBut most importantly, I found a refined game that completely immersed me in their world.

The game also evolves beyond the formula prepared by Epic or even The advantages. The new trilogy of Murderous doctrine The games have an interesting web history, however Valhalla It handles this in a better way than previous titles.

Instead of hitting the player with a side quest after a side quest to gain enough skills to advance through the main story, Valhalla He puts most of his bullets in the main story. Does not mean that Valhalla It doesn’t have any side content, instead treating side missions like puzzles, rather than a magazine full of questions.

These changes, in addition to the level of originality, is what is being done Valhalla Wonderful game. OR Epic It often seemed like a job Valhalla It was the escape I was looking for.

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