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Halo Infinite: Slayer playlists are coming and the challenges will get better!  |  Xbox one

Halo Infinite: Slayer playlists are coming and the challenges will get better! | Xbox one

The least we can say is that the developers of Infinite halo Listen to the players and react relatively quickly. A new game update is planned for next week and will add new playlists for its multiplayer.

Four New Game Mode Playlists in Halo Infinite

The next Halo Infinite update is scheduled for Tuesday, December 14. We don’t know the exact time of this yet, but we already know that it will contain the following four new playlists:

  • Killer
  • Party
  • All for themselves (FFA)
  • Tactical Assassin (SWAT)

We discovered earlier this week that some of these modes were already playable playing offline in a custom game against bots. So seeing them officially arrive for everyone in matchmaking comes as no surprise. Halo Infinite players have long been clamoring for new playlists to play in their favorite modes, so this is a first step.

The developers specify that this list of modes will have more variations in the future, without actually specifying when.

The challenge system will finally reward the skill.

Another significant change is that next week’s update will also include adjustments for challenges.

It’s about eliminating those that require playing in a particular game mode, changing some requirements for others, or reducing the difficulty of obtaining the final weekly challenge. The new playlists will also be an opportunity to add new challenges to unlock to always get more XP in the game.

Brian Jarrard, Community Manager for 343 Industries, is eager to discover the new challenge category that is based on player scores. This is a first step for you to earn XP based on in-game performance and details will be released next week.

Please note that the team is aware of the issues with the game’s Big Team Battle mode and is actively working to find the cause of the matchmaking errors. So let’s get together next week to find out the details!

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