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"Handelsblatt" Report: Continental Data Hacked on the Darknet

“Handelsblatt” Report: Continental Data Hacked on the Darknet

Status: 15.11.2022 12:22 pm

When Continental was attacked by hackers at the end of August, the cyberattack was still said to have been successfully repelled. But now the stolen data from the auto supplier is being offered for sale on the dark web, for $50 million.

The company DAX Continental is still investigating the data theft after a cyber attack, but does not want to comment on the news media about new details. The investigation into the incident is still ongoing and is being given top priority, the automotive supplier confirmed.

The company said last week that investigations with the help of outside experts had found that the attackers had been able to steal some of the data. According to a report by “Handelsblatt” and “heise online”, the hackers have now posted a list of file titles on the dark web as they try to sell the stolen data for $50 million.

Confidential data, also of clients

The advance data volume of a total of 40 terabytes captured by a ransomware group called “Lockbit 3.0” is a file of nearly eight gigabytes, the “Handelsblatt” further reported. It lists confidential information on investment strategy and plans, supervisory board communications, and personal data from Continental itself. Technical content about the auto supplier’s customers such as Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW is also offered for sale.

At the end of August, Continental provided information about the cyberattack itself. At that time, the attack was said to have been repelled, business activities were not affected, and third-party systems were not affected.