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"Harry Potter": Daniel Radcliffe is ashamed of his performance in the films of the series

“Harry Potter”: Daniel Radcliffe is ashamed of his performance in the films of the series

In an interview with Empire magazine, British actor Daniel Radcliffe admitted to being ashamed of his performance in the Harry Potter series, which revealed it to the general public.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, Magazine Empire He dedicated his one to the two main actors of these famous sagas. It is on this occasion that Daniel Radcliffe confided in his shame about his performance in the early films.

“I’m very embarrassed about part of my game, obviously,” he said. “It’s like asking, ‘How do you see your younger years?’ Later, the actor specifies that “it is difficult for him to separate what[il] resen[t] for Harry that[il] resen[t] for movies ”. But I am very grateful. This experience allowed me to discover what I wanted to do until the end of my life. Discovering what you like very early in your life is a great opportunity, “he added.

In this same interview, the two actors that moviegoers have routinely confused for several years reverted to this alleged physical resemblance. “We are both small and have pale complexions, blue eyes and brown hair, but I don’t think we are the same,” said Daniel Radcliffe. “But our appearance is similar. When they tell me ‘The Lord of the Rings’, I immediately reply ‘No, it’s the other one!’ “, Serious.

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