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Has the internet speed dropped … but …


With the advent of work from home and online classes, Internet connections and Wi-Fi routers are popping up in many homes. But with that said, ‘our internet is not fast!’ It sounds mostly obedient. Do you have a similar problem … but this story is for you!

Internet speed varies depending on location, number of items used, and level of items used. That is why even if you take an internet connection with the same speed … not everyone will see the same speed. However, if the lower points are checked when the speed decreases, the speed is likely to increase.

Switch to cable

Is there a WiFi router … again cable? Many people use the WiFi dongle for desktop computers. This is likely to slow down the network. That’s why tech experts say it’s best to use a wired connection from the router whenever possible. Walls and distances become crucial when using wireless technology as the internet speed slows down.

You have to enter the password

Most people don’t put a password on WiFi because no one knows I have WiFi and no one uses it. This will allow others to access and use your WiFi. This can also slow down the internet. Therefore, it is imperative to set a password for the WiFi router. Also, if anyone needs WiFi access … it should be blocked after the job is done. This can be done at the router login.

Look at the hardware thing

Mobile phones and computers are constantly updated. As well as routers. The old router is still in good condition … not so good to keep using it? Internet speed is lower with older routers. So never hesitate in this matter. Better to talk to your network provider and find out the broadband details and get a router for it.

Put it in the attic

Many people place the router in a closet, in the corner of the room, so that the cables are horizontal and away from children. This causes a change in internet speed. Tech experts say it is a good idea to have a WiFi router available to everyone. It is best to keep the router in the center of the whole house. If you have a very big house … you can buy WiFi extenders.

Power line adapters

The house is very large and there is another option to increase the speed of the WiFi if the extenders do not want to use it. Same power line adapters. They look like ordinary adapters that need to be connected to a room. Then the WiFi signals go from the room where the WiFi router is located to the room in another room. In addition, there are broadband accelerators to provide a similar service. These can increase the speed of WiFi. However, these services do not cover all broadband services.

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