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Have fun recycling them with your kids, it will be fun!


Today as never before in history, recycling is very important to preserve our beautiful planet as much as possible. If each of us does our part, we could limit the damage man has created to date with waste and pollution!

Don’t throw them away, make amazing games for your kids! (Picture of Hans benn gives Pixabay)


Nobody imagines that they can Recycle in a creative and original way even the simplest pizza cartons. Of course, if a part is dirty it must be removed and thrown away wet or unsorted, the rest can be used in different paths. Recycle them along with yours kids so that they understand from a young age the importance of this gesture and live more responsibly. Enjoy and create gods wonderful memories linked to simple pizza boxes!

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5 great ideas to recycle pizza boxes with your children: it will be a lot of fun!

Draw on the package, cut it into pieces and put it back together like a puzzle. (Picture of Hans braxmeier gives Pixabay)

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Don’t worry, to recycle the pizza cartons you won’t have to do anything complicated or requiring who knows what particular skill. With these ideas you will immediately hit the mark and become a myth for you kids. Arm yourself with duct tape and markers, yeah begins:

  1. Play hopscotch: all of us when we were kids loved to play hopscotch. Just use the big parts of the boxes and write a nice big number on them. Place them in your play area and put two cards first, then one, then two, and so on. Kids will have a lot of fun jumping over numbers, singing a song, or putting on some music, of course join them too!
  2. A nice stove: With a few colors and a little imagination, a pizza box can be turned into a little play kitchen. Without taking it apart, draw four burners on the surface, then add a few pieces with masking tape to make the knobs and power buttons. Of course, you will always have to try what the children will prepare for you!
  3. A real oven: leave the cardboard whole and line the top and bottom inside with aluminum foil. Secure the lid with a stick so the foil reflects the sunlight well. Congratulations, you just created a solar oven in which you can cook vegetables, cakes and whatever you want!
  4. A nest: With a cardboard full of leaves and twigs you will create a comfortable nest for the birds. Place it in the garden or on the balcony, in a short time it will be occupied by a little bird that you can observe and admire every day.
  5. About templates: All children love to draw, cut out cartoons and create templates to decorate whatever they want: vases, furniture, canvases, curtains, etc …
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