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HDMI has a new standard that brings interesting improvements, but there is a but


The connection used to transfer content between different devices, monitors, televisions and consoles is receiving a new standard. But that doesn’t really mean that you will enjoy it anytime soon.

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The HDMI Forum, the umbrella organization for HDMI standards that includes dozens of giant companies, is expected to announce at CES 2022, although hardly anyone will be attending the show, a new standard called HDMI 2.1a. four years After the above standard was announcedIt is going to reach another standard in our lives that is expected to bring a significant improvement to our viewing experience.

It will make the life of your TV easier

The new device that will be shown at the exhibition will come with Source-Based Tone Mapping (or SBTM, in Hebrew: Source-Based Mapping), a new feature that will allow the presentation of HDR and SDR content in higher quality. The feature will primarily improve the way shadow mapping is performed in HDR by distributing the load not only on the TV, but also on the source from which the content is being transmitted, be it a streamer, a computer or a video console. games.

It is important to note that SBTM is not a sub-standard for HDR, but rather a feature that is expected to improve overall image quality by eliminating the need for users to perform manual calibration to HDR. This is done through the use of a device that transmits the content to perform this action in front of the television independently and thus improve both the viewing experience and the user experience.

Even if you bought your TV or console (already bought a PS5?) Last week, Black Friday, or even last year, of course it doesn’t support HDMI 2.1a, because the device will only show up now. However, according to overseas reports, the HDMI Forum will allow TV and console makers to do a firmware update to 2.1a, allowing support for whatever it brings.

All articles and updates from the world of technology and high technology.

All articles and updates from the world of technology and high technology.
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However, there is a serious problem with the new HDMI standard, the fact that, like the rest of the devices that the standards organization is broadcasting, no manufacturer makes a commitment to endorse the new standard despite the good it brings. This was also the case for Standard 2.1 and earlier standards, and in practice, users rely solely on the mercy of the manufacturers.

Another problem arises because HDMI standards are not only set by the HDMI Forum but also by another organization called HDMI Licensing Administrator, which once a new standard appears cancels the previous standards, that is, when HDMI 2.1 became the official standard in 2017. , all devices came with the 2.0 standards automatically became HDMI 2.1 standards, even if they didn’t include all the good stuff that came with the new device. And so it will be with 2.1a, and you will have to verify that the devices you connect are actually compatible with the new standard, verifying the functions they offer. Not the smartest way to do it, we know.

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