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He kills his wife and mother and detains their children on a bloody night … and Egyptian security puts an end to the tragedy


Egyptian media said that security forces succeeded Thursday in arresting a person who “killed his wife and mother and took their children hostage” since Tuesday night in Fayoum, southwest of Cairo.

According to the “Al-Youm Al-Sabea” website, “Fayoum’s thugs practiced all kinds of torture on the family (…) and killed his wife’s mother, and dumped her body in the courtyard of the house. hours before the assault operation. ” During the assault operation, “the thug exchanged shots with the security forces, for which he was shot.”

Al-Ahram’s website noted that “the security forces in Fayoum managed to break into the house of the Baltagy, who was holding his family, after blowing up the fortified gates and wounding him with a bullet. They also managed to rescue members of the Baltagy. the family. . “

The incident took place in the “Manshiat Abdullah” area in Fayoum governorate, where “the man shot his wife and mother-in-law, kidnapped their children (…) and held them hostage,” according to “Al -Masry Al-Youm website “.

The website published the results of the initial investigations into the incident, which indicated that “the defendant had a fight between him and his wife, after which he pulled out a firearm and shot his wife and then his mother-in-law, who he was inside the house at this time. “

The security services cordoned off the house where he was hiding with his children, and a confrontation broke out, after he threatened to kill them if he approached him, and he was detained, “without hurting his children or hurting them.”

The website “Rai Al-Youm” spoke about a family dispute and claimed that the man was called “AAA”, and that he “disagreed with his wife, when their mother-in-law visited them to solve the problem, but shot the two at a time and prevented them from entering or leaving anyone else. “The children were taken hostage to prevent security forces from raiding their home.

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