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Hearthstone changes the expansion with the new update

For those who do not know Hearthstone is a collectible card video game developed and released in 2014. Produced by Blizzard Entertainment, it is a kind of spin-off of the series that many will know, called World of warcraft. The mechanics of the game are very simple: each player has a deck made up of spells, weapons or minions that seek to destroy the enemy. Only one of the two wins. Currently the game has undergone some changes. This is what they are.

Hearthstone, Forged in the Savannah expansion, and other updates

A peculiarity of trading card games is the frequent replacement and creation of new cards, new characters, and new powers. The most recent expansion for Hearthstone is called Lunacupa Fair. However, the game regularly changes its expansions in rotation, proposing new cards, or re-proposing something from the past.

The new expansion is called Forged in the savannas. Among the peculiarities of this expansion we have a new mechanic called Frenzy. Triggers when the owning minion survives the damage. When this happens, Frenzy will activate his effects on himself, the hero, or other cards. Among the collectible characters, there are 10 legendary minions (therefore very rare) and a new quirk with spells. Having a spell in your hand will increase its power as mana increases.

The new season has just begun, Thus if you want to start playing, this would be the perfect time. However, when you download the app, you will be meticulously guided through every step. from a tutorial. Have fun!

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