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here are four hard drives to celebrate your partner on Valentine’s Day 2021

Also this year, Valentine’s Day is approaching and for the occasion Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH propose four hard drive to celebrate your love. Give the couple space, for everything else there is a safe and efficient Toshiba storage solution designed for your needs and budget.

change ready

This storage unit plug and play offer up to 4 TB, a new two-tone design, e file drag and drop functionality. There is more, thanks to loading ramp technology, which prevents damage to the disc when it is in motion and a shock sensor which interrupts the power supply in case of physical stress, all data will always be safe. If you want to impress your partner with one easy to use solution, resistant and safe, Canvio Ready is the perfect gift to renew your promise of love.

Available on Amazon at this link

Advance shift

With its new case with textured finish, available in four different shades, including Passion-red – is the hard drive winks at the fanciest partners without forgetting security and ease of use. Thanks to backup software automatic, setting your preferences with defined times and intervals, FThey are backup will no longer be a waste of time. And to further protect your files, there is the Toshiba Security Software which allows you to encrypt the drive with a unique password. If you have no secrets and you care about your he or she cyber security, Canvio Advance is the coolest gift idea to say “I love you”.

Available on Amazon at this link

shift flex

The keywords of this hard drive crossover device am compatibility me portability, ensuring maximum storage flexibility even the most demanding partner. It’s preformatted for Mac, Windows PC, iPad Pro, and other compatible tablet devices with a USB-C® * port. Also thanks to 5 Gbit / s transfer rateit will always be possible quickly access each saved file. If your love knows no limits, Canvio Flex will be the best gift #ideas for this Valentine’s Day.

Available on Amazon at this link

Gaming change

Fun is one of the secrets to maintaining a long-term partner, you know? With Canvio Gaming, in your 4 TB variant that can store up to 100 games. Its advantage, in addition to being a plug-and-play solution, is the compatibility with major game consoles (PlayStation, Xbox), Windows for PC me Mac computer in addition to custom firmware, equipped with a “Always-on” functionality, which maximizes the responsiveness of the game. If for your beloved love is a beautiful game with strange rules, this device is the perfect gift.

Available on Amazon at this link

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