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here are the free apps to reuse an old model


You have a rough idea of ​​how many things you can do with one smartphone now it’s old just doing a factory reset and installing a proper set of free apps from Play Store? If your device seems sluggish due to low RAM and outdated microprocessor, try these tricks to make your old phone the perfect companion for your days. Here are some brilliant ideas to apply in many contexts.

Throwing your smartphone in the electronic trash is prohibited – a few free apps are enough

  • Universal remote control– If equipped with infrared LEDs, our phone can be used to control televisions, air conditioners and many other appliances. In the absence of this component, it is still possible to interconnect the device as a remote control in a WiFi network with the use of special applications such as Universal infrared remote control for Android or AnyMote Smart Universal Remote for Iphone. Useful for controlling Chromecast and Netflix, Youtube and Amazon Prime Video player.
  • Trackpad per PC: thanks to applications like Unified remote For Android and iOS, you can turn your phone screen into a wireless trackpad with integrated mouse-style buttons.
  • Remote Screen– Chrome Remote Desktop compatible on PC, Mac or Linux allows you to access PC files over the Internet. Useful for remote viewing of content on PC.
  • Surveillance Camera: IP webcam It can turn your device into a watchful eye for household activities. Use sensors to detect motion and record every movement in real time by taking photos and recording videos.
  • Hotspot: with the use of a SIM card we can transform the phone into a portable modem. All offers now include free sharing. Why not use it in case of problems with the domestic line?
  • Game console: If the hardware allows it, the device can become a playground with dedicated emulators and applications.
  • Digital photo frame– A tablet or smartphone with a large screen can make a great innovative photo frame. Synchronize content with Google Photos and create your own slideshows.
  • E-book reader: Also in this case, a screen with at least 6 inches diagonal is recommended. Applications like Amazon Kindle are useful for creating your own digital library and keeping it with you at all times.
  • Multimedia car dashboard: A modern infotainment at no cost. Apps like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay turn an old phone into a powerful mobile command center for outdoor activities. Just one car phone holder and that’s it.
  • assistant cook: A smartphone in the kitchen can help you in various activities. Valid as a timer to set cooking times or even as a recipe book thanks to numerous creative applications. Plus, with the use of voice commands, you won’t have to lift a finger.
  • Emergency calls: Even without a SIM, an old phone allows you to make emergency calls. In dire need, it could save your life.
  • Music player– If equipped with an excellent Audio DAC, your old phone can become a player for files of all kinds and quality. Plug in a pair of headphones and take it with you to the sea, to the mountains or during a run.
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