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here is the first filter that the iPhone 12’s LIDAR camera uses

TikTok has released its first augmented reality filter that can use the iPhone 12 Pro’s LIDAR sensor. The effect uses the sensor to allow the confetti in the filter to realistically settle on people and objects in your room.

The effect, as shown in the video posted by the company. his twitter, celebrate the new year with confetti and a huge 2021 sign. Confetti falls to the floor, sofa and cushions as if it were actually in the room. This is apparently just the beginning; TikTok promises to develop innovative effects throughout the year.

TikTok will develop new filters during the year

TikTok described the effect as the ability to visually connect the digital and physical worlds, thanks to the way AR effects interact with the user’s environment. It is available worldwide, except in select countries.

Of course, the fun AR effects are just one of many use cases for something like LIDAR. The technology is also being adopted by applications that allow you to scan to create 3D models, such as the 3D Scanner application. There are also apps that help with interior design, like RoomScan LiDAR, or even games, like Apple’s Arcade title, Hot Lava.

TikTok isn’t the only big company with its eyes on Apple’s LIDAR technology. Snapchat, one of the other major players when it comes to augmented reality filters, already added support for Apple’s LIDAR sensor in October, allowing creators to create their own enhanced AR filters for the app.