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here you have the new certificate to download to travel at night

here you have the new certificate to obtain to journey at night

France begins a new phase of misconception this Wednesday, marked by a modify in the curfew routine. We will have to wait around right until June 30 for it to disappear, if the overall health situation continues to be favorable.

Two far more hrs of freedom. Many thanks to an improvement on the front of the Covid-19 epidemic, France is starting a new phase of distrust this Wednesday, marked in individual by a adjust in the time of the curfew, which goes to 11 p.m. from 11 p.m. 9 pm

As a result of this enhancement, a new derogatory certification was posted on the net this Wednesday. on the web site of the Ministry of the Inside, for your night outings, right until 6 am

Six reasons for journey surface in the document: the wants of qualified, college or coaching activities, wellbeing good reasons, powerful loved ones reasons these types of as caring for little ones or guidance to people with disabilities, but also administrative or judicial citations , Journey by teach or plane and finally the departures of your pet, confined to 1 km from residence.

The conclusion of the attestations on June 30?

If the wellbeing circumstance proceeds to make improvements to, the curfew should end on June 30, along with meters in bars, restaurants and cultural areas, and limits on out of doors gatherings even however festivals sustain a meter of 4 m2 per assistant. and the overall health go for a lot more than 1000 persons.