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Here's a great free strategy game about medieval water supplies

Here’s a good free of charge approach game about medieval h2o provides

Waterworks! is a cost-free card-centered system game from veteran indie developer Scriptwelder, which you may know from a range of old flash video games. It truly is about offering h2o to the medieval town of Grudziądz, which I can hardly pronounce and which statistically talking you most likely can not pronounce possibly. It appears educational—which it is—but it can be also a superbly intended resource-administration tactic match. It is really cost-free on and I might endorse it, if any of that seems excellent.

In Waterworks!, you use a deck of cards to construct up the infrastructure and sources of the burgeoning medieval city. Over the system of many hundred decades, that infrastructure has to be reworked and scaled up to allow a large, prosperous city to prosper in a area with minor normal fresh new water. It truly is a truly tightly produced video game, with each individual card possessing a objective and good use, and with hand administration enabling you to successfully grow the waterworks ahead of the city’s populace outgrows offer. By the end of the activity, you construct some actually spectacular feats of hydro-engineering that you in all probability didn’t know were being feasible some 5 to 6 hundred many years ago.