Here’s How a PUBG Player Rode Smoke Grenades Without Taking Damage

A PUBG player, kowzzzz, may have discovered a new feature in game, called Smoke-Grenades riding… Wait WHAT? Yeah, yesterday he posted his gameplay video on Reddit that instantly went hot and took the PUBG community by storm.

The video showed the player riding on a smoke-grenade after jumping off the cliff. This was amazing until the PUBG Corp. took notice and fixed the bug. The whole thing was basically experimented on a PUBG test server.

The Redditor explains in his comments that you just needed to throw the grenade straight up in the air on a slightly slanted surface to begin your grenade riding journey. This was never done earlier and kowzzzz was the first one to do this.

What was more shocking that PUBG Corp. banned a user named jlobes from the test server whose only crime was he reported that surfing also works with the apples found in the lobby. This was shameful from the PUBG Corp. because then what’s the point of creating a test server when you’re restricting those who are working to make the upcoming things better.

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