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Here's how players can get old exotics in Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Here’s how players can get old exotics in Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Last weekly blog before launch Destiny 2: Beyond the Light, Bungee revealed details How players pick up old exotics After some planets enter Destiny Content Vault on Tuesday. The studio also previewed some upcoming patch notes and a new tower terminal for picking up old quests.

The Lost Light Exotic Archive Monument is a new terminal within the tower and is comfortably located between the current Vault terminals. Here, players can purchase exotics where the quest leaves the game on November 10th. Exotics like Anarchy and King Crab now drop from two raids leaving the game, and exotics like Rat King come primarily from planets like Titan. Beyond the light.. When these quests are gone, the Monument to Lost Lights Exotic Archive is a way for players to backfill their inventory with their weapons.

Bungie didn’t show the UI for this device, but the studio explained how to buy exotics that players can’t use. The price depends on how difficult or long the quest to get it was. Players purchase exotics in combination with glimmers, destination materials, masterwork materials, and exotic cyphers or ascendant shards. For exotics previously from raids, players will need a special Spoil of Conquest material — earned by completing raids in-game.

For players who don’t want to spend their hard-earned ascendant shards on the missing exotics, Xur offers weekly quests when it appears on Friday, promising a new exotic cipher.

This quest archive is right next to the postmaster!
Image: Bungee

The tower also displays the Quest Archive Terminal. When the player removes an incomplete quest from their inventory, they will reach the quest archive.Existing players who want to experience a new player experience — this is also overhauled Beyond the light — You can pick up the quest line from the quest archive.

Bungie also unveiled some interesting patch notes prior to the November 10th patch. Players can customize the UI look a bit more with respect to color, and the character creation menu changes its language from male and female to male and female a bit.

There are also some minor tweaks and bug fixes that can affect the player’s endgame loadout. The studio will release the full patch notes on November 10th.

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