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Here’s how Technology has Greatly Influenced the Gaming Industry


Sales from the gaming industry have reached well over $125 billion. If you want to find out more about the gaming industry and how it has developed as a sector overall, then this is the guide for you. Take a look below to find out more.

3500 BC

If you look at board games, you will soon see that they have been played for quite some time across numerous cultures. The very first game was found in the First Dynasty burials that happened in Ancient Egypt.

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17th Century

At this point, we started to see games such as card games and even draughts. You had the Pilgrims and the Puritans though and they frowned greatly upon it. Some of the card games that were around during this era actually went on to influence some of the many games that we see around today. If you look at the card games, these went on to influence online casinos and it also brought around slots. People now play slots from all across the world!


At this point a shift to urban living helped people to focus more on leisure time. The earliest board game around was published at this time. It was known as being the Mansion of Happiness and the entire game was based on what we know to be Christian Morality.

19th Century

Board games were produced and there were tons of advancements in paper at this point as well. You had print games that were made and some of them had rich and coloured images. Others were printed on card as well. All of this led to even more advancements and this spurred on even more advancements, which we would see in 1902.

1902- Monopoly

Monopoly was once known as being the Landlord’s Game. It was designed by Elizabeth Magie and the board game grew exponentially from this point. Tons of new games were created, and even more were built upon, helping to spur on the industry even more.


At this point in the timeline, the very first digital computer was built. This helped to make sure that the way was paved for even more advancements in the world of gaming. In the year 1950, scientists also began to design simple games. This would go on to fund their research and it would also help them to create even more inventions for the future. This was a real turning point.

1970- The First Video Game

In the year 1970, technology had advanced to the point where the first video game could be created. It was called Ping, and you also saw the rise of coin-operated arcade games too. These grew in popularity over the years and it also spurred on the new digital movement that we know today. 

Tech has played a huge role in the gaming world and it has also helped to develop tons of new games and exciting ventures too. What does the future hold? Only time will tell.

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