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Here's how the Nvidia RTX 3090 aims for 8K gaming

Here’s how the Nvidia RTX 3090 aims for 8K gaming

Nvidia’s RTX 3090 offers the world’s first possibility to connect, play, capture, and watch games in 8K HDR. Just when you think we have reached the point of the game, 4K actually Runnable without any serious warning Nvidia throws 8K. So how do you intend to reach this new lofty milestone?

One of the main parts of the equation is DLSS, or deep learning supersampling. This is an AI-based technology that the NPU developed in-house to decouple the high resolution rendering from the GPU and into the Tensor core in Turing (and soon, Ampere)architecture. This is done using upscaling algorithms, temporal feedback, and GPU acceleration. And it has had a lot of success. Compare with DLSS 2.0 benchmark..