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Here's how to activate chronological display on Facebook

Here’s how to activate chronological display on Facebook

Frances Haugen, Former Facebook Product Manager for the US Internet Community Portal, Has been a data scientist for a few weeks entry To the public and revealed his identity, he was the one who leaked secret internal documents about Facebook’s operation to the Wall Street Journal and later testified before US lawmakers at a hearing at the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation on Capitol Hill.

Haugen also criticized the feeding algorithm. The company, as well as other social companies, use algorithms to rank content in feeds, and if the ranking is primarily based on triggered interactions (likes, shares, comments), users are more vulnerable to manipulation and misinformation. . Current Facebook practice is detrimental because algorithms take into account in the content selected for the feed that it can maximize user engagement. One of Meta’s internal studies also shows that polarizing, divisive and hateful content infuriates users, which is one of the most intense emotions. Haugen said that by default, posts should be displayed in chronological order, that is, in chronological order (as was the case on Instagram), which would fix a lot of problems.

According to disinformation and hate speech experts, chronological viewing wouldn’t necessarily solve Facebook’s problems anyway, and spammers would find it easier to do so by sending spam.

However, you have the option to select chronological display if you wish. To do this, open the Facebook mobile app and find the three-line menu panel in the upper right corner of the app. Are recent chance. In the browser, look in the left menu bar of the page Are recent option. To return to algorithmic sorting, tap Back to favorites chance.

Since Facebook doesn’t allow this to be the default setting, it needs to be set every time you log in, and Instagram doesn’t allow it at all.