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Here's Project Galileo, an all-Italian video game in a "soul-like" sauce ~ Pokémon Millennium

Here’s Project Galileo, an all-Italian video game in a “soul-like” sauce ~ Pokémon Millennium

Milan is home to a completely new Italian project: temporarily taking the name of Galileo project, a game “souls like“This is a video game (usually action) in the third person that stands out from the others especially for three characteristics: the narrative of the story, the combat system and the extensive exploration.

The Italian company you are dealing with Galileo project and the Jyamma Games, which was already concerned with marketing various games for mobile devices. The new project aims to immerse players in Italian lands, scrutinizing the beautiful landscapes and uncovering their mysteries.

The Jyamma Games strives to create an innovative and exciting gaming experience. The company is currently in a crucial phase: they are using the “motion capture“For the realization of the project. Motion capture is a technology that record human movement thanks to special tools and equipment. The data obtained is used to animate the characters: for now the gestures and actions of the protagonist, the enemies and one of the bosses have been recorded.

The development of the video game was carried out on the engine. Unit. The pre-production works of the Galileo projectrecently launched by the company, take advantage ofUnreal engine, the graphics engine developed by Epic games.

Galileo project

“We are satisfied with the work we have done so far and the motion capture phase is a crucial and fundamental moment that marks a great leap for the project, leading us forward for the demonstration that will be presented to the big publishers. This was possible thanks to our development team made up of brilliant Italian talents who have worked for the most recognized software houses in the world ”.

Giacomo Greco, CEO and founder of Jyamma Games.

The game, therefore, is in full swing. For the demonstration, in fact, we have to wait for late 2021.

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