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Hero ST by noblechair in review


Reality: If you spend a lot of time at your desk, you definitely shouldn’t a suitable piece of furniture save money. the principle that to protect the spinein order not to bear with significant physical handicaps having to live does not only apply to passionate gamersbut for all people with predominantly sedentary Task.

That’s why we with the new ST hero the British manufacturer of gaming chairs noble chairs an optic rather decent model subjected to extensive daily testing, which is reflected in any work or play environment can be perfectly integrated.

In addition, the Hero ST is also certified as an office chair. EN 1335in the essential functional and ergonomic requirements it’s fixed. But enough of the long preamble, let’s clarify what Successor to the successful Hero series by noblechairs, in Seating comfort, processing quality Y player friendly team has to offer.

© noblechairs

Dimensions noblechair Hero ST

  • Total height: 131 – 140.5 cm
  • Seat height: 47.5 – 57 cm
  • Backrest height: 89 cm
  • Backrest shoulder width: 57 cm
  • External width of the backrest: 54 cm
  • Internal width of the backrest: 31 cm
  • Outer seat width: 51 cm
  • Inner seat width: 32 cm
  • Seat depth: 50 cm
  • Armrest width: 10.5 cm
  • Armrest depth: 27 cm
  • Armrest height (lowest chair position): 65 – 72 cm
  • Armrest height (highest position of the chair): 75 – 82 cm
  • Inner armrest distance: 48 – 53 cm, 53 – 58 cm

Essential equipment / features noblechairs Hero ST

  • Ergonomic design
  • adjustable lumbar support
  • Foot cross made of aluminum
  • rocker function
  • 4D armrest
  • Class 4 Hydraulic Gas Spring
  • Certification of office chairs according to DIN EN 1335
  • 60mm wheels
  • Memory foam headrest
  • Cold foam inner padding
  • Choice of faux leather or fabric cover
  • Loadable up to 150 kg
  • Weight 27.5kg
noble chairs Hero ST
© noblechairs

Assembly: It is better with two people

The biggest problem is good. 30 kg cardboard box. to go to the third floor. we prefer a support Worried, he stayed right there for the montage.

Furthermore, if the care and items packed absolutely securely of the Hero ST seem clear in terms of number, mounting is included two extra helping hands faster and much easier done. Thanks to attached tool you can get to work right away without first having to search for a suitable screwdriver and Allen key. To avoid unsightly scratches, you should definitely approach installation on carpet or with a blanket underneath.

noble chairs Hero ST
© noblechairs

Not much to consider: the IKEA-style illustrated instructions has only six pages and each step is meticulously listed. There’s no questioning which screw goes where, and careful construction is maximum after half an hour of history.

a little caveat For all those who refuse to follow the instructions: The assembly help contains some steps that start with a triangular warning symbol They are provided. you should if possible don’t ignoreotherwise the seat supports will be removed when the back is attached. jump forward with considerable force and it’s quite painful when the fingers are in the middle at the time.

Workmanship and equipment: Noble optics, high-quality materials.

After completing the construction work, we have them simple elegance sincerely admired. Of massive gaming chair it’s extreme cleanly processedthe seams of black hybrid PU synthetic leather material impeccable and also the other materials used, as well stable aluminum crossthe Stainless steel palm rest or all five 60mm swivel casters with nylon corewitnesses of high quality and also stability.

For testing purposes we had the Hero ST black edition with the eye-catching cutout on the headrest available, alternatively the model is also available textile cover and in black and white Trooper Edition for Star Wars enthusiasts.

By the way, the Hero ST is designed for a lot of up to 150kg. That’s more than some gaming chairs from other manufacturers can handle and it also gives taller and heavier people the opportunity to game comfortably. This also contributes to pleasantly generously sized seat with a 32 cm inner width as well as one Depth of just over half a meter a.

Seat Comfort: Tight but very comfortable upholstery.

The manufacturer noblechairs announces that the ergonomic requirements Together with Esports Professionals were developed and implemented.

These include one specially developed backingthat conforms to the shape of the spine, which our in-house orthopedist really likes integrated memory foam headrest, various configuration options, rocking mechanism or the important fine adjustable lumbar support for the lumbar region.

noble chairs Hero ST
© noblechairs

The first seat test works. cold foam padding under the faux fur cover very firm and tense. but that’s all not worth criticizingbecause comfort doesn’t suffer as a result.

With individual backrest adjustment, seat height as well as the totality, tilting, seat arises a extremely pleasant and ergonomic work and play areawhich does not cause any complaints even after a long time.

The now common ones also contribute to this. 4D polyurethane armrests made a significant contribution to Height, depth, angle and distance to the gaming chair It can be perfectly tailored separately to your own needs. For our taste, the armrests could have been padded an inch more.

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