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Hi-tech from Germany: Bavarian company supplies drones to Ukraine

Hi-tech from Germany: Bavarian company supplies drones to Ukraine

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Bavarian company supplies drones to Ukraine

A Bavarian company is supplying the kyiv armed forces with a German-made reconnaissance drone. The Ukrainian consul in Munich arranged the deal. Several billionaires are paying for it.

The Bavarian company Quantum Systems supplies surveillance drones for the Ukrainian armed forces. “Our first drones are already in Ukraine,” company head Florian Seibel told Editorial Network Germany (RND). More deliveries are planned for the next few days. The Vector drone costs 180,000 euros and flies for up to two hours. “The Ukrainian army wants to use German drones to optimize their artillery fire in upcoming battles,” he said.

Company boss Seibel told RND that US special forces had recently ordered €7 million worth of Vector drones, and that the Bundeswehr had ordered eight drones last week.

According to RND, the Vector drone offers high-resolution videos in real time at a distance of 15 kilometers. Despite its three-meter wingspan, it can be set up without tools, take off vertically, and then switch to noise-free flight. Consequently, the Ukrainian consul in Munich had engineered the deal. The drones were paid for by Ukrainian billionaires who spoke of a donation to their country’s armed forces.

According to the British Times, the Ukrainian armed forces mainly have two types of reconnaissance drones: the Leleka-100 developed in Ukraine and the Polish Fly Eye. Due to the expected Russian offensive in the Donbass, kyiv recently asked its Western allies to deliver combat drones. The US government has already shipped 700 switchblades, so-called “kamikaze” drones. Yesterday, the Pentagon announced the delivery of a new type of drone dubbed the “Phoenix Ghost.”