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Hideo Kojima explains the concept art of “Death Strand 2”

Earlier this year, Hideo Kojima posted an image of concept art suggesting that he might be working on a sequel to Deathstrand. It is now reported to IGN that it represents “a fragment of a new idea, not a major plan.” In an interview with our new video, “How Deathstrand Foresaw Our Future,” we asked about the image (below) tweeted to Kojima. This seems to indicate a brand new model called “BRIDGES”, the name of Desstrand’s post-apocalyptic corporate government. :

He explained that it represents the idea he had, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the Deathstrand sequel is in progress: “I always have an idea when working on the game. These aren’t the main plans, but they’re fragments of new ideas. Think for yourself, explain to others and ask for their opinions. For example, ask Yoji. [Shinkawa] If he is sitting next to me.

“He often creates some pictures based on my ideas and shows them a few days later. The image I recently tweeted was one of these pictures.”

Of course, this does not mean Kojima It’s not Working on Death Stranding 2-After all, Kojima Productions is starting to work on a new project, and Kojima has previously discussed sequel ideas-but the concept of this vehicle is not always part of it. It may mean that. Similarly, Kojima recently said that a “big project” was abandoned at Kojima Productions. This could be a sequel to that version.

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