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High-end, ultra-quiet workstation for audio editing (and gaming)

I agree that for a work computer that you depend on, you should buy a workstation with the proper stand.

Other than that, the “quiet” in the name in many cases is synonymous with “(acoustic) insulation”, which unfortunately often kills airflow as well.

For pure office PCs that don’t do anything demanding (i.e. not an office where the computer generates 3D models 24/7, but an office where two SAP R/3 sessions are running and some tabs in the browser), the case is fine, if you should rest easy.

For computers that are supposed to do something really well, especially at 12900K(F), this is nothing when the CPU is fully loaded.

If you don’t buy a finished workstation anyway, then grab a mesh case (or Fractal Design Torrent, which personally isn’t a pure mesh case for me, but cools excellently), fill it with high-quality fans, and run at speeds you can’t, or barely notice.

For example (really just a non-adapted example) 5 Noctua NF-A12*25 and let them spin at 800 RPM in the fractal torrent. It’s usually quieter and cooler than anything in isolation or with “quiet” in the name.

Ps.: The Dark Rock 4 Pro does not have a good P/L.

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To name a fixed idea that does not disturb your planning too much:

  • Fracta Design Torrent (or good mesh case)
  • Noctua NF-A12x25 (5 to 6 at low rpm)
  • RTX 3080 Night Edition
  • Also, a smart cooler (I’m guessing the overpriced DR4 Pro, or a Noctua NH-D15)

With water cooling, the CPU can be cooled more quietly in some cases, BUT: it does not work with a productive system. Air coolers are simply safer.
One failure on a time-critical project is enough. So the proverbial f**** is in the steam.

And I say this as an absolute fan of Waku.