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Ho Ming Wah Anglican Missionary High School establishes Hong Kong’s first AI Inno High School Laboratory to promote AI applications | Hong Kong 01 | Social News



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Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Ho Ming Wah High School established the first Microsoft AI Inno Lab High School in Hong Kong to allow students to go further after being exposed to STEM teaching applications. The school provides hardware and software support, as well as three-dimensional printers and laser cutting machines Being exposed to the application of AI (artificial intelligence) in daily life.

Director Jin Weiming, who is also the president of the Hong Kong Computer Education Association, noted that today’s AI is positioned like computers 30 years ago. It is gradually starting to become popular and will even replace many existing jobs. Implementing AI Teaching can allow students to get in touch with relevant knowledge earlier to respond to future needs.

Provide high-tech equipment to meet learning needs.

The newly completed artificial intelligence laboratory will be equipped with a large number of high-tech equipment at the school, including two laser cutting machines costing more than 100,000 yuan, two three-dimensional printers, etc., as well as a variety of computer equipment. teaching, including the new Hololens 2. Smart glasses help in teaching by MR (Mixed Reality), and there are only two lenses in Hong Kong that have recognition ability, which by learning to write programs can achieve recognition objects and even human faces.

The lab also has Microsoft hardware and software to meet the learning needs of students.

Adopt a flexible design to meet learning needs

Furthermore, AI Lab adopts a flexible design. In addition to the basic classroom “sit in rows”, it can also be adjusted differently in the classroom. The seven smart TVs surrounding the lab can also be used for different purposes depending on the course, even when grouping. You can use one for each group to ensure that the materials are sufficient for all students in a class.

To allow students to be exposed to artificial intelligence applications in their daily lives, AI Lab has applied artificial intelligence technology to many life teams. For example, curtains can be controlled by remote control and voice control. Students can also control the lights in the lab using The principal explained that he hopes that AI will not only be part of the curriculum, but also be integrated into student life.

The newly completed artificial intelligence laboratory will be equipped with a variety of teaching equipment. (Photo by Ma Weijie)

Participate in off-campus AI courses to bring knowledge to campus

As for AI learning, the school participated in the AI-900 courses and exams organized by Microsoft, and learned the knowledge of AI before taking it back to school. In addition to teachers, Ho Ming Wah Bishop Anglican High School also had five students who passed the AI-900 test. The school’s certification rating has made the school become Microsoft’s AI pilot school.

From cognition to practice, students create their own AI applications

The principal also noted that the school began implementing AI-related courses two to three years ago, when other schools were still in the early stages of implementing STEM education. Regarding the organization of the curriculum, it starts from high school, from “cognition”, “understanding”, “application” and even “practice”.

The high school ICT (Data and Communication Technology) course will teach students, and third graders will conceive and create AI-related applications on their own, such as using recognition technology to create a application that can identify drinks and ingredients; while In high school, in general courses, teach the moral issues related to AI, such as facial recognition and other more controversial technologies, and how to be an ethical user of students.

Although high school ICT students cannot continue to take AI-related courses due to DSE courses, those who are interested will continue to participate in a group at school and participate in different AI-related competitions from time to time. from time to time. Principal Kim refers to the school before the epidemic in January 2020. The team participated in the BETT exhibition held in the UK. More students from the school made outstanding achievements in AI applications and were appreciated by Jinan University in China. They received their degrees directly without taking the DSE.

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