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Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay: Perspectives on a Wizarding World


On Thursday night, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and developer Avalanche Software showed off the first Hogwarts Legacy game as part of a new edition of State of Play. There were 14 minutes to watch of the upcoming single-player action RPG, to be published by Portkey Games under the Warner Bros.

What is the Hogwarts legacy? Then. Anyone who has never heard of Harry Potter is either living behind the moon or has really missed something. While it’s unlikely we’ll meet that famous wizard and his equally famous friends in the game, we can still get an idea of ​​how they must have fared at the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

However, our protagonist, whom we can design before the start of the game, visits Hogwarts around the year 1800. Consequently, most of the characters are not the ones known from the Harry Potter books and movies for more than two decades. .

Once in the game, our wizard (or, of course, our witch) is assigned to one of the four houses Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin through the sorting hat. The helmet, which is over 1000 years old, knows where a character belongs. But that’s where the parallels to the training of Harry, Hermione, Ron and company begin. After all, we too will be taught the various topics that we have heard so often. Included are defense against the dark arts, herbology, potions, and many more.

A little more nostalgia, please?!

Between classes we do exactly what our great role models did when they were at Hogwarts. We explore the magical castle, which is full of secrets, discover and solve puzzles, and meet many other characters, such as students, house spirits, and teachers. Exploring the castle in particular is impressive in the gameplay on display and seems to give us a lot of playful freedom.

Don’t focus too much on your free time, though, because Hogwarts Legacy starts out as a fifth-year student, which means you’ll have a lot of knowledge and skills to catch up on compared to your peers. But you should be rewarded for this hard work afterwards. Because then you can use the skills you have acquired in the adventures, which of course you will also experience outside the school premises, to challenge your opponents.

As the gameplay shown by those responsible illustrates, you can choose from dozens of spells from different schools of magic to develop your own fighting style and become the best duelist you can be. Additionally, you use potions you’ve brewed yourself to gain temporary bonuses, and you can even use the horribly screaming mandrakes to afflict enemies.

The enemies that await you include hostile and sinister sorcerers, as well as goblins, who appear to be rehearsing an uprising as part of the story. You’ll have to find out for yourself what exactly is behind it, whether you like it or not, when Hogwarts Legacy shows up towards the end of the year.

Magical beasts and flying brooms

Those who liked the most recent movies in the Harry Potter universe about magical animal creatures will also be excited about the prospect of the Hogwarts Legacy game. Because from the Fantastic Beasts film series not only the funny and extremely popular Niffler came to the action role-playing game. You can also find many other magical creatures, some of which are even corrupted by dark influences.

Among other things, you can fly through the air on a hippogriff, just like Buckbeak did. Speaking of flying: what would a magical world full of wizards and witches be without flying brooms? It is highly recommended that you also practice using these special vehicles so that you can move faster and more flexibly through the game world.

Until now, however, nothing has been seen of the magical wizarding sport of Quidditch, which many fans have grown to love in the books and movies. Some of the community hopes that as part of our adventures in Hogwarts Legacy, for example, we’ll be able to play Quidditch on our school team and maybe even catch the golden snitch as a Seeker. We don’t know yet if this feature will make it to the game. After the gameplay shown yesterday, Thursday, that would be classed as a surprise feature. At least we have confirmation that we can use flying brooms and navigate the world with them: a small ray of hope.

Cleverly integrated role-playing aspects

By now, some of you may have wondered why the game genre is classified as “Action RPG”. Because aside from learning skills and making potions and other useful items, we haven’t talked much about the role-playing aspects of Hogwarts Legacy. We’ll catch up on that now.

In the game you can also find better equipment, customize your appearance and improve values. In the Room of Necessities, which automatically recognizes what you want, you can continue to grow plants, brew potions, and strengthen your clothing with additional woven materials.

If you are missing something, you can of course also go shopping. Various dealers are available to you, especially in the well-known Hogsmeade. There you will find ingredients, recipes, seeds, equipment and many other goods.

Another famous reference from Harry Potter is the house elf Deek, who could also be a distant ancestor of Dobby. Who knows. In any case, Deek will help you build your own corral where you can have a collection of magical beasts.

A kind of “housing” even comes into play. In this compartment you can store your own magical beasts.

You can design this magical place freely, so that even a kind of “dwelling” is possible in the game. Magical quirks should also become a part of your own realm. We still don’t know exactly what’s behind it.

Speaking of RPGs, over the course of your gaming experience you can develop very intense relationships with fellow students who can ultimately accompany you on your travels and adventures. Over time, you will even learn more about its history.

Scheduled for a Christmas 2022 release, Hogwarts Legacy will be published by Warner Bros. Games under the Portkey Games banner. The game will be available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One consoles, Nintendo Switch System and PC.

Hogwarts Legacy: Official Presentation of the State of Play Game | PS5, PS4

The narrated video provides a detailed look at the game, including character customization and the variety of spells, quests, quests, locations, and characters players will encounter as students at Hogwarts. Furthermore, the officialBehind the scenes-Video shown with comments from the creative minds developing the game.

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About Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy is full of magic that puts players at the center of their own adventures. As a new fifth-year student with the unique ability to manipulate powerful ancient magic, players will experience the unwritten and embark on a dangerous journey to uncover a hidden truth of the wizarding world.

Throughout your adventure, you’ll hone your character’s skills by mastering powerful spells, brewing potions, and harvesting magical plants while facing deadly enemies. Along the way they will meet new friends who will accompany them, interact with teachers from the school and face dangers that could jeopardize the future of the magical world.

About Portkey games

Portkey Games, the games brand of Warner Bros. Games, is dedicated to creating new mobile and video game experiences set in the magical world that put the player at the center of their own adventure, inspired by the original JK Rowling stories. Portkey Games offers players the opportunity to make their own narrative choices and interact with the magical world setting to create new and unique experiences. The tag was created to provide gamers and fans with new gaming experiences that allow them to immerse themselves in the magic of the wizarding world and define their own wizarding world story.

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