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A few days ago I noticed that I was humming to the Supremes song. Then I did what everyone is doing today in the age of the internet: I logged on to YouTube, found a music video, and some of their biggest hits in some vintage footage of supergroups in the 1960s. I ran.

It was a memorable and soulful journey. I’ve been online for a while, with Diana Ross, Mary Wilson, and Florence Ballard saying “Stop! In the name of love” and “Baby love.”

A few hours later, by an eerie coincidence, I learned that singer Mary Wilson died on the same day at the age of 76. Wilson was one of the former members of the group and the news chilled my spine. The timing was amazing. It was the end of the era and I felt deep sadness.

For me, the news of losing Mary was personal. A few years ago, when I happened to connect at the Harbor View Hotel on Martha’s Vineyard, where we were staying, I had the rare opportunity to spend time with her. We spent the afternoon together, and she threatened me with stories from her illustrious career in the entertainment business. She talked about collaboration, politics, business and world travel on TV shows from her Las Vegas location. We laughed and connected at a personal and spiritual level. Serendipity, probably. All I know is that it wasn’t forgotten.

Mary was a heartwarming woman with an incredible soul and a magnetic force comparable to her amazing talent. The music she and her bandmates produced as The Supremes brought immense joy to millions of people.

In the days following her death, I looked back on the lessons we could all learn from Mary Wilson’s pioneering life. And there are many.

First of all, the time is short. Don’t wait to cherish the people who make your life special. In many cases, we cannot thank until there are no more people we respect and respect, and it’s too late.

It is very important to celebrate and cherish time with unique people who make this world a more beautiful, happy and enjoyable place through God-given talent. Music has the power to transcend people and make connections and lift us when we need them most.

When life is tough and the future looks dark, all we need to turn things around is exciting lyrics and catchy songs. In the moment of our greatest joy, we express happiness through the celebration of music, the universal language. Mary’s death reminded me of this.

Mary’s death also clearly reminds us that the influence of the American world does not come solely from our democracy and national principles. Our global influence is also rooted in the true genius of our people. No country in the world has the power to make a difference and influence life through the creativity of entertainment.

Ebenezer Robbins
Ebenezer Robbins
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