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Honor presents Magic V, its first folding smartphone


After Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo or even Google, now it is Honor’s turn to give us a first look at its future folding smartphone.

Since parting ways with its parent company Huawei, Honor continues to make its way For better and for worse. Like all manufacturers, it currently presents some of its most interesting novelties for CES 2022; today we discover the fruit of his first escapade in the world of folding smartphones, the Honor Magic V.

The Chinese manufacturer announced the upcoming launch of this device in a Twitter post detected by The Verge. Unfortunately, there is no technical information to learn from. We are only entitled to a certainly elegant, but rather mysterious representation, which is content to vaguely reveal the silhouette of the machine. We can indeed distinguish the famous hinge, but it seems impossible to extract details from other elements such as the photoblock.

A still very mysterious device

Regarding the technical specifications, the little information available comes from The Elec. Korean media understand that the device will carry a 8-inch interior screen and 6.52-inch front. This suggests that the Magic V will be entitled to a more vertexl allowing it to unfold to increase the viewing surface.

Therefore, this operation would place the Magic V in direct competition with the Samsung Fold Series. And that is not the only point that brings this device closer to the star of folding smartphones. Still, according to The Elec, he will also use the same ultra-thin glass (UTG for ultra-thin glass “) than the Z Fold 3.

The folding smartphone niche is booming

In recent years, foldable devices have more or less become the Roll’s Royce of the smartphone ecosystem. It is a concept that seems to be democratized and could eventually become the queen category; Therefore, this niche has become a knife battlefield drawn where different manufacturers compete to cultivate an avant-garde image and claim the unofficial title of “king of innovation”.

Today, Samsung still seems to dominate this head and shoulders segment. But if the Korean has gone one step ahead, the gap is gradually narrowing how your competitors like Xiaomi, Oppo or Google they are grafted to the race. A competition that Samsung would certainly do without, but that will likely be beneficial to consumers.

In fact, it could lower tariffs on this still quite exclusive technologyand, by definition, extremely expensive. So let’s get together in a few years to find out if all manufacturers will end up jumping on the bandwagon or if folding devices will continue to be a niche for wealthy geeks.

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