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Hot Topic: Giants is now a Cowboys make-up or break game


How did you get to this? On Sunday, the two worst NFL teams will attend the first of two divisional meetings.The· New York Giants Rather, it was expected to be at that level.The· Dallas CowboysUnder the new head coach Mike McCarthy, it definitely wasn’t. But your record is the only really important thing in the NFL, and there is only one win between the two teams.And victory Atlanta Falcons Was not one Cowboys Worth after so much dysfunctional play, something that lasted for weeks in the meantime.

Given the aggressive firepower that Dallas has shown while tinkering with the game, or even with defenses that are arrogantly described as watching over,Wet paper bag tries to stop the freight train, “This game doesn’t have to worry too much, going beyond the old belief that rivals in the division won’t go down easily. But now there’s growing concern that this edition of the team can’t get out of their own way. Other than that, we’re focused on being a team that promotes the marginal NFL talent to the world’s beaters all day long.Sure, it’s not new, as we’ve seen this team change Adrian Clayborn Become a sack monster in one game New York Jets Looks competent in recent history. But even in the worst season these days, the Cowboys have been able to beat at least a few division rivals. Giants Being one of the more reliable teams they can beat, even when everything else is collapsing.

On paper, that’s what this should be. But the melancholy depth of the sunk defense is Daniel Jones It ignites in the afternoon while Jason Garrett finds a magical touch on his playsheet. When Dallas has the ball, we are not so worried about what the defense will do.We hold our breath in almost every play where football isn’t knocked out of grasp Dak Prescott Or Ezekiel Elliott It just bounces cheerfully into the hands of New Yorkers from New Jersey.

To make this even more annoying, the Cowboys are far from the division title and auto playoff berth races.They are tied with Washington football team And just half the game behind the sisters-smooching Philadelphia Eagles.. The road to the postseason may be a bit disgraceful, but for now we’ll adopt it, but the journey may be ugly.

If Dallas is defeated again this Sunday, its suspicious glory will be at extreme risk. Suddenly, it becomes very difficult to point out a game that is on schedule as a game that should be able to win. If you can’t overcome the worst, you can’t even do well against the average. Even better teams are still coming down the pike.

This Cowboys team must suffer serious doubts about both themselves and their coaching staff. McCarthy claimed that he intends to adapt his plans to suit his player’s talents.It may be a crime, there Keren Moore Has produced several stunning numbers and three consecutive games with over 30 points. These, however, should be considered skeptically given how long the team is lagging behind in the game, often with two or more scores.He was forced to put the ball in PrescottHands to try and mount the comeback. During that time, the running games were mostly retrofits.

The defense is poor and seems to be getting worse.

Garrett has continued a conservative and run-oriented approach in New York.He is also forced to do so without Saquon Barkley, Who lost IR due to ACL rupture.But Dallas’ defense was simply terrible against the run, creating a mind-boggling 307 yards above the ground. Cleveland Browns.. Once upon a time, establishing a run could be a ticket to the Giants’ easy score, even with backup backs and suspicious attack lines.It should also be noted that their defense was just held Los Angeles Rams Despite the losing effort, 17 points and a total of 240 yards. They certainly want to win, just like the Cowboys, and join the game. This adds another dangerous element to the mix.

If Dallas can win the game, it provides at least a faint flicker of hope that they can still understand things and still challenge the division. A big victory will be more encouraging. Providing something close can have a nasty effect, but it’s still far superior to other methods.

However, the alternative could be the downward beginning of a true spiral, or a continuation of a spiral that has already begun. The rest of the season could turn into long ratings for both coaches and players to see who is really valuable to the team next year. Even so, given the rather suspicious HR decisions already made this season, there’s good reason to doubt how well the team will work.

What they do this week is much more important than the fifth week’s game is supposed to be. This is a team at stake. Especially when returning from a soul-destroying defeat, it begins to approach impossible. Victory may not really prove anything. But to keep things from running down quickly, you need to have one at this point.

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