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How do skin gambling sites guarantee randomness and fairness of games?


When there is money on the table, everyone will demand for some sort of guarantee that their hard-earned cash just won’t disappear. In this case, we’re talking about skins that are worth real money, and the only way to guarantee it is by playing in a 100% random and fair skins casino.

In order for you to learn how the legit skins gambling sites guarantee randomness and fairness in every single one of their games, this article will provide everyone reading with unique insights and information.

First, we need to check how conventional online casinos guarantee that all of their games are random and fair, and in order to do that, they use a Random Number Generator (RNG). Auditing firms make sure that the RNG works properly, in order for a game to be legal and available on the market.

However, a conventional online casino won’t allow you to consult the latest results of a game (for example, Roulette), and that’s a clear disadvantage for the people that want to check the real randomness and fairness of a game. Or if they want to gather data to develop and run a strategy.

As shown on CSGORadar, skin gambling sites have gone one step above conventional online casinos, because they use the next step in the evolution of RNGs: Provably Fair. This technology uses the same principle as Random Number Generators, but here neither the user nor the casino or skin gambling platform know the result of the game until it happens. And in addition, you can check the last results of every single game, be it roulette, crash, poker, blackjack, dice, coinflip, etc.

All about Provably Fair

This technology is developed on blockchain, and yes, it doesn’t have to do anything with cryptocurrencies. Because it’s blockchain-based, you can easily check or fetch the last results of any game, be it that you want to check them briefly, or if you want to import all the data into your software or program, to run a specific strategy.

Most skin gambling sites offer a game known as Crash, where you can place a bet, watch the multiplicator rise and get out before it crashes. The payout is based on the multiplicator you quit with before the game crashed. If the skin gambling site is Provably Fair, then you can go and fetch as many past results as possible, so that you can see yourself that the game is 100% random, and in consequence, fair and transparent.

Beyond the fairness and randomness part, Provably Fair technology allows you to important as many past results as possible. To cite an example, a developer on GitHub imported the last 1,000,000 results from Crash at CSGORoll, and he found out that most rounds crashed at less than 2.00x. 

Thanks to Provably Fair, you can check such results and see if there’s some kind of pattern or sequence, so that you can start betting when such pattern or sequence appears.

Is Provably Fair fail-proof?

As far as we know, yes, it’s fail-proof. Because it’s a truly decentralized and random technology, and because you can check the past results at any time you want, it’s easy for the same skin gambling platforms, firms or users to detect if something is not working well. It has not happened until now, because just by using the Provably Fair technology, you can rest assured that all the results will be random.

The people reading this should keep in mind that Provably Fair only covers the randomness and fairness of games. Because even if the games are random, the skin gambling casino could still freeze your account or retain your funds – that’s why it’s critical to check the reputation of the site before joining and depositing any skins or money.

Provably Fair is the standard of the esports and skin gambling industry, and it will keep changing the online casino and betting realm as we know it, because it’s proven to be superior to all the previously-used tech, including RNG.

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