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How many games in the BioWare series are there?


With the recent reveal of Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Mass Effect has been talked about again. The acclaimed sci-fi saga BioWare has fallen in love with many fans of the RPG genre, and if you’ve never played it, it might be time to start. But how many Mass Effect games are there in total?

It all starts at 2007, with the launch of the first chapter of the trilogy featuring the Commander Shepard and the crew of the Normandy, the speedy starship thanks to which, for the first time, we were able to explore the Milky Way in 2183 AD and meet all its sentient races.

In this first chapter, the protagonists of Bioware’s Action RPG try to discover what is behind it. the geth invasion, a race of robots that have become aware of themselves, led by the former Specter Saren. The mystery is soon revealed: the entire galaxy is in danger, threatened by the arrival of another alien race, and “Raiders”, which every 50,000 years collects all the intelligent life present among the billions of stars in the Milky Way.

In 2010, the game’s sequel was released. Shepard and his friends find themselves teaming up with the strange and mysterious. Cerberus Organization, commanded byIllusory man (Mysterious man, the name says it all). The help of this organization that fights for human supremacy in the galaxy is essential to counter the collectors, another alien race that appears out of nowhere and kidnaps human settlers to prepare for the arrival of the Reapers.

After only two years, here is the third and final chapter of the main saga, Mass effect 3. Shepard and the Normandy crew embark on the most difficult mission of all: unify all races sentient beings from the galaxy in a joint effort to defeat the gigantic life-eating machines that have finally reached the edge of the Milky Way. Whether and how the different races decide to help Shepard depends solely from the choices made by the player and the political game in which you find yourself immersed: the rpg mechanics here reach galactic dimensions, it must be said.

The main trilogy is enriched with numerous DLC and some expansions, which are listed below:

  • Mass effect 1: Pinnacle Station of Imminent Impact
  • Mass Effect 2: Overlord The Shadow, Advent
  • Mass Effect 3: From the ashes The Leviathan, Omega, The citadel

In 2017, after years of waiting from fans, the spin-off was released. Mass Effect Andromeda. Characterized by a total change of scenery (we are no longer in the Milky Way, but in the nearby galaxy that gives the game its name), the protagonists of this new Mass Effect represent the last hope of salvation for humanity in case the La Invasion of the Reapers cannot be stopped in any way. They will have to explore and colonize the unknown Andromeda, which obviously won’t be easy at all.

Side note, 2011 EA Mobile has released Mass Effect Infiltrator On iPhones and Android smartphones, however, the game is no longer available in stores and has never been updated to work properly on newer devices.

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