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How Patriots "makes practice harder than games" in QB

How Patriots “makes practice harder than games” in QB

New England patriots have the unique challenge of preparing a new starting quarterback with no pre-season action. The COVID-19 pandemic canceled mini-camps, off-season team activities, and pre-season. Therefore, when Cam Newton, who is likely a starter, comes to the field in the first week, the game experience with the new team will be zero.

But patriots are doing their best to make a preseason alternative.

“I think one of the things you’re trying to do is make it harder to practice than game. That’s a kind of mindset,” Patriot Quarterbacks coach Jed Fish told reporters on Wednesday. “Changing scenarios doesn’t necessarily mean you can take as much breaks as you would in a regular game. You may have to go to one player after another without interrupting the action too much. You can perform specific drills that are specific to ball security and are specific to different scenarios.”

But there Is Elements of the game action that the coach cannot duplicate.

“The speed of the game is always the biggest challenge on Sundays and every other day. We are aware of that,” Fish said. “But making it rewarding, seeing a lot of different looks, seeing a lot of different opportunities, seeing a lot of different things that happen defensively, and spending that time drilling individual drills I think we need to do some work. We can work on certain fundamentals in the quarterback position and do our best to simulate the game.”