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How Technology Is Helping to Streamline Marketing Efforts in the Sports Industry


The digital era has improved major processes in a variety of sectors around the world. The sports industry is no different, with technology-driven services revolutionizing important aspects of communication, namely marketing. Nowadays, compelling campaigns, promos, and general correspondence use technology to ensure that fans and users are being properly serviced and targeted no matter how they choose to engage. This takes sports marketing to an entirely different level of effectiveness, changing for the better the way in which sports and their supporters interact. Below we will take a look at four examples that illustrate this development.

Artificial Intelligence and the Use of Chatbots

Artificial Intelligence is being used everywhere in the sports industry; whether it’s for assessing individual player performances, tracking athlete’s health, or crunching numbers for important scouting events, there is no shortage of AI influence in sports. Additionally, when it comes to engaging fans, the chatbot technology put forward by AI plays a big role. Here, sports brands, leagues, and franchises are able to learn more about their supporters by providing positive virtual experiences which answer fans’ questions and concerns. For example, when it comes to sporting events, fans get personalized notifications via chatbots on everything from ticket drops to gameday protocol, and much more. These virtual assistants instill a heightened sense of loyalty and engagement in fans across the board, while also making customer service processes more convenient.

Desktop and Mobile Betting

Many dedicated sports fans are also avid sports bettors. After all, placing wagers on sports teams and players has a way of enhancing the gameday experience. Major sportsbooks in the industry know this, and that’s why marketing tactics have shifted almost entirely to online and mobile campaigns. To fit with the digital times, leading brands in sports betting are using technology to their advantage, implementing offers such as sign-up bonuses or promotions to attract new and existing customers. For example, the exclusive FanDuel promo code is one of these that targets first time bettors, encouraging them to take part in wagering at one of America’s top online providers. The success of these campaigns is made possible by the technology that is continuing to keep clients happy on a daily basis.

Live Streaming Sports Content

Within the past decade, sports coverage has advanced dramatically. It is now common to see fans watching live games with the help of a streaming service that delivers all the action straight to their smartphone. This type of sports viewing allows people to tune into high-profile competitions no matter their physical location. The rising popularity of this trend means that marketing tactics also need to cater to live streaming viewers rather than traditional television consumers. That’s why, nowadays, nearly all sports live stream services offer users the chance to obtain a monthly or weekly trial period before signing up for a long-term package. Additionally, sports stars are often featured in digital advertisements on these platforms to further identify with viewing audiences.

Nowadays, all effective marketing strategies, no matter the industry they inhabit, must keep smartphone users a top priority

Enhanced Social Media Connections

Social media campaigns also run rampant in the sports industry. As smartphone technology continues to advance, major playmakers in the world of sports are prioritizing mobile users above anything else. This means that brands are setting up their services to include compelling stories about teams and players that get people talking. Here, top athletes are also featured in major campaigns to quickly grab audience attention. After all, when social media is used effectively, it even has the power to increase sales. However, brands must be aware of the most important aspects and metrics of social media marketing, such as followership. For example, on Instagram, interacting with a wide customer base is only possible with a large number of followers. Therefore, if sports brands want to expand their influence, it isn’t enough just to leverage mobile technology; they must also look to the strategies behind social media marketing.

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