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How to Accelerate Farm Cryptographic Decoders for Destiny 2 Lost Festival


So you May be rolling up Destiny 2 today Play the Festival of the Lost and win random rolls in the Braytech Werewolf and Horror Story. It can also be very confusing if Cipher Decoders, the new currency for opening bonus chests in Haunted Forest, hasn’t actually been dropped. Bungies said they would appear like an umbrella engram, but they do not fall into the wild and only come at the end of the activity. And not all activities aren’t even close every time.

Still, throughout the day I found the best way to make these as fast as possible.No, it’s not Nightmare Hunt or Lake of Shadows, but the bungee was pretty literal when it said it finally allowed it to drop. all The activity is complete.

Patrol is included.

When I heard they were falling from the patrol, I knew where to go. This is my monthly based CipherDecoder and ChocolateCoin farm and I think it’s available faster than anywhere else (although it’s a very dull method). Fast load SSDs can help speed this up, but it’s not required.

1. Land by Ellis.

2. Go right towards the light anchor

3. Perform a “kill enemy” patrol and a “find Toland” patrol. Nothing takes more than 20 seconds each. If you don’t see one, you should run the other first and then see it after you’re done.

4. Return to Eris and go left on Archer’s Line.

5. Perform “Kill all enemy patrols” and “Find Toland patrols”.

6. Warp to the port of sorrow. Do it … you get it.

7. Go back into orbit and update the patrol.

8. Repeat

This process resulted in 5 ciphers with a total of 15-20 prizes. Again, each takes only 20-30 seconds, most of which is waiting for Toland to stop talking. I know people who have been playing “normally” for hours today and maybe have 1-2. Was this … 20 minutes? something like that. If you do this, you will earn coins for each patrol.

Then use 5 ciphers to run Haunted Forest. If you want to do this more, I think they will stack up to 25.

I used those 5 ciphers and only got one werewolf flor and 4 different masks.So you Do I have a cipher.

My guess is that Bungie will quickly increase these drop rates so that the whole event doesn’t feel pointless, but if you want to farm right now, it’s easier and faster to get the cipher. I find it difficult to find a way. Good luck.

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