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How to choose lacrosse cleats: in depth ?


Step 1: Choose the right type of cleat

To understand how lacrosse belts are designed, let’s take a look at what they’re running. Lacrosse is played in large fields of grass, so the Best Lacrosse Cleats come with studs at the bottom of the sole that can dig into the grass or mud to provide stability.

For natural fields, you have two options: molded or detachable studs. Studs are either made of rubber or plastic, and usually have 4-6 large rivets in the heel and about 8-12 in the front.

Molded – Molded cleats have rivets that are permanently attached to the sole. They are less expensive, require less maintenance, and are specialized for one type of land (such as natural grass).

The downsides to die cast cleats are that studs cannot be replaced if corroded, the length of rivets cannot be changed, and they are not as versatile as detachable studs.

Detachable – The detachable cleats have removable and replaceable bolts. They are more versatile, allowing you to adjust the buttons for different field conditions. Replacing the buttons is also very simple.

However, the disadvantages are that they require more maintenance and are usually more expensive.

For those who play on turf courts or need training shoes, turf shoes are probably what you want.

Turf – The sole of the turf shoe features tons of small rubber parts to provide traction. Turf shoes can be used on synthetic surfaces or for training. While they are more flexible than hard ground cleats, they cannot be used on hard ground.

Step 2: Choose the best cut length

The next thing you want to think about while learning how to choose lacrosse shoes is the right cut length. How high should the cleat go above the ankle, or do you want it to sit below the ankle?

There are three options to choose from, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Low, medium or high cleats are available. The majority of lacrosse cleats come in either a low cut or a mid-top cut.

Low Cuts – Low cuts stop before the ankle and provide the most movement for those who move around the court a lot. However, there is little or no ankle support and not much protection.

Mid Tops – Mid tops sit around the ankle and provide a good balance between movement and support/protection, although they don’t excel in either.

HIGH TOPS – High tops cover the ankle and provide the most support and protection for the ankle, and are specifically designed for the player who needs a lot of stability. However, you will enjoy less movement as a result.

Step 3: Find the right size

  1. Perfect fit marks
  2. Room no wider than toe width, comfortable forefoot fitting and no-lift heel
  3. No pain, discomfort or pressure on a nail from standing, walking or running
  4. Flexible and comfortable enough for dynamic movements
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