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How to Create a Technology Startup Business Plan In Five Easy Steps


So you have decided to quit your 9 to 6 job? Run a business by yourself? But are you scared of investment losses? There is always a sheer risk before stepping into the world of entrepreneurship. 

The main goal circulates around performing and rectifying smaller mistakes at early stages rather than losing millions after a decade, ultimately losing the whole tech startup. 

We have compiled five easy steps as professional business proposal writers to ease your path through quick learning. The guide will help you to analyze what your potential customers desire and will pay for. Simultaneously, it will save you from the failure of ineffective selling strategies. 

1- Identification of Customer Needs

As a professional business proposal writer, the first step for your startup is to identify your customer’s needs. 

  1. Is your service serving as an alternate solution for people’s problems?
  2. What will be the consequence if your product or service lacks your buyer’s basic needs? 
  3. Can you still rectify the problem? 
  4. Are there any unnecessary or unwanted segments? 

2. Validation Of Customer Needs 

After the identification of your customer’s needs. The second step lies in the validation of their needs through your services. Several ideas look appealing when read but not every single one of them is practically valid. This is where your customer can lack interest in your business. 

Professional business proposal writers recommend taking one on one survey sessions for analyzing and validating your customer’s needs with respect to your business model.

3. Establishment Of Business’s Core Characteristics 

Having said that, after the validation of your customer’s need. The third step lies in building the core features of your product and services. Here you have to intensely focus on how your business is unique from others and why they should pay you. 

Samples of your product like any visual model before its launch can be a good marketing tactic to see your target audience’s response. 

4. Take The Risk

Business is all about taking the riskiest risks. Rember professional business proposal writers always quote, the bigger the risk of losing the bigger the risk of winning. Your services must be strong and in your audience’s face for them to remember your brand and look up to you. 

5. Investment In Customer Acquisition

The last but not the least step to build a successful tech startup is to invest in a profitable customer acquisition system. It is the time where you must invest in worthy customer-based channels.

Let it be paid ads, cold outreach, or even product marketing. Set your business foundations firmly and spread your word wisely. 


To raise a profitable business startup make sure you have provided the news of your customers through your business model. With thorough market research and creatively authentic product designs, you can validate the significance of your product. 

While tracking the results through intense data analytics, we hope that the following guides will help your way out to set a benchmark in the already existing tech-based market. 

Herbert Wise
Herbert Wise
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