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How to customize iPhone home screen with widgets and app icons


One of the biggest differences between iOS and Android is always customization. Google’s mobile operating system gives you more control over the look and feel of your software, but Apple limits these changes in terms of consistency and ease of use. But, Launch of iOS 14 Last week, iPhone and iPad owners suddenly discovered a way to make their phones and tablets look and feel really different.

For example, searching for “# ios14” or “# ios14homescreen” on Twitter will show you hundreds of examples of thematic layouts that combine custom app icons, wallpapers, and widgets. (However, be aware that the results of these searches are very NSFW.) You’ll see custom home screens and layouts everywhere on TikTok and YouTube.

Many have the following pop culture themes: Animal Crossing, Steven universe, Harry potter, Mine Craft, And BTS, Others focus on a single aesthetic, Line art Or Neon icon.. Recreate the old user interface PlayStation 2 memory card screen, Or, iOS 14 looks like iOS 6.. Overall, it’s usually a custom PC theme or Winamp skin..

Why is this happening now? Partly due to the release of iOS 14 that provided the option to add Widget to home screen.. Widgets are typically used to add quick access to your home screen, giving you a quick glance at information about reminders, weather, and calendar appointments. However, you can also use them to display any image of your choice. This turned them into image frames for the digital front room. You can also customize the appearance of the default widgets using the appropriate app.

The other customization options users are using are much older. Choosing your own wallpaper is an option that has been around for decades, but creating custom app icons is now only possible with Apple’s shortcut app. This was first introduced 2018 iOS 12 You can also automate certain actions on iOS. People are using shortcuts to create custom app icons For many yearsHowever, with the release of iOS 14 and the advent of widgets, it seems that many people have discovered this feature many times.

Creating your own custom home screen is easy, but time consuming. The main thing you need is the actual visuals: custom wallpapers and accompanying icon packs. Some designers share these in easy-to-download packages ( Animal Crossing (Example above), but usually a little Google, you’ll get what you need.

Windows 98 layout created for the top image in this article This tweet) With some quick searches, I found all the background images and app icons I needed. I have to say that shaping all these assets, including manually coloring the background of the transparent PNG icon, was very tedious and took at least an hour. If you can, try the pre-made packs.

To add a custom widget to your home screen, you need to download the following app Widget Smith.. Once downloaded, open the app and click to create the widget size of your choice. You can then customize default iOS widgets such as clocks and calendars with different fonts and colors, or create widgets that display static images. After creating the widget, go to the home screen, press and hold the screen to display customization options, and click the + sign at the top left of the screen to add the widget. Scroll down to find Widget Smith’s work.

Finally, to add a custom app icon, you need to download the Apple app. Shortcut app.. Once you’ve done that, open it and click the + sign in the upper right to create a new app. next,[アクションの追加]>[スクリプト]>[アプリを開く]>[選択]Go to and select the app you want to customize. When you’re done, click Next in the upper right corner, give your app a name, and click Finish.

Then, to customize the icon and add it to your home screen, click the More menu next to the shortcut action you created, then click the More menu. Again and Then select Add to Home Screen. next,[ホームスクリーン名とアイコン]Click the icon below the pane and select the image you want to use from the camera roll. Fu ew! All done.

This will create an app with a custom icon, but with one very annoying warning. Each time you click on an app, you first jump to the shortcut app, afterwards To your favorite app. This means there is a slight delay each time you open the app, but who said you can easily get the #aesthetic of your choice? However, if you know how to avoid this, let us know in the comments. Also, share inspiring works to make your own!

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