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How to do it … How to use Google’s Take You Home feature on iPhone and Android

Google provides a function called Google Take me home Or google take me home, and this service works through an assistant. The Google For instructions on how to get home without using any input, either on an Android or iPhone device, every time you need to go home, it’s all a sentence that says “Hello Google, take me home”, which is a command from voice for Assistant opening Maps application, And begins a path towards your home address.

According to the site “Business Insider“This application is used more fluently on Android devices, which already use the Google Assistant as the default assistant; However, Apple users can also install the Google Assistant app and use it separately or together Siri.

How does the Google function work?

The matter varies from device to device, for Android users, all you have to do is set the home address and then say “Hey Google Take me home ”, the Google Assistant will open Maps and find the fastest way home.

As for Apple users, you will need to install Google Assistant And set it, then set your home address on Google Maps.

How to set up the Google Assistant app on iPhone

1. Search the Google Assistant in the App Store, then install it by pressing the button.

2. When the application is installed, press “Open”.

3. Sign in to your Google account, or if you have already signed in to another Google application on your iPhone, select the account you want to use.

4. On the next screen, choose whether you want to allow the Google Assistant to save information about your contacts from the devices that are connected to it.

5. Read how Google partners work with the Google Assistant, then click “Continue”.

6. Click on the microphone icon and then press “OK” for the wizard to GoogleAccess to a microphone.

How to set a home address on Google

1) Open the Google Maps application.

2) Click in the search bar.

3) In “Start”, click “Set Site”.

4) Write your home address.

5) Select your address in the search results by clicking on it and wait for Maps to arrive The Google To confirm add it.