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How to download YouTube videos with Telegram - Technology News - Technology

How to download YouTube videos with Telegram – Technology News – Technology

They block IP addresses related to Telegram

Telegram is an application with 200 million users worldwide.

With the fall of the Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp platforms in recent days, millions of users have installed other options such as Telegram, one of the current communication applications.

Among the many functions that the tool has, there is one that has aroused the interest of many: downloading videos from Youtube, something that, for quite some time, has been desired by people who surf the Internet every day.

(Quick and easy: this is how you can transfer your WhatsApp chats to Telegram)

Telegram has a special bot that allows it: it’s called YouTubeDL and it can be found in the search engine.

All you have to do is start talking to him and follow the instructions (in English, although they are easy to understand). Then go to YouTube and copy the link that appears in the ‘Share’ option.

(Video calls on Telegram now allow up to a thousand viewers)

When you have this, you must return to the application and write the link of the YouTube video that you want to download. Automatically the Bot it will send it as if it were a native one in any chat, and it can be downloaded in the best quality allowed.

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