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How to duplicate items in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl remakes


It Youtuber BLAINS shows, through a video, how duplicate tools in Shiny Diamond Pokémon me Shiny pearl. Everything is possible thanks to a new ruling which also allows you to clone pocket monsters. However, the method that will be discussed now will be effective. exclusively on instruments.

As already mentioned, the flaw is the same one that allows the pokemon cloning. Therefore, the procedure will be similar in its first part. The instruments the theme of the duplication will be exclusively those saved by Pokémon inside the boxes. Therefore, it is advisable to organize a Cash register composed of Pokémon that hold the tools to duplicate.

Caution: It is recommended to disable the autosave mode and save the game data before implementing the error.

For duplicate tools in Shiny Diamond Pokémon me Shiny pearl, the first thing you should do is go to a city, positioning yourself near of a Pokémon Center. Now open the app move MN of Pokecron pressing the R button and set the marker in motion Fly.

To activate the fault, you must press at the same time the button TO and the key R repeatedly until it appears Map. This will generate a overlap between the screens, giving the possibility to control the avatar and the City map at the same time. This step requires extreme dexterity, so several attempts may be required. To find out if the fault has been activated, simply move the indicator up. With the’active audio, in fact, you will feel that our character enters the Pokémon Center and the screen of the City map will continue to be in first floor.

Duplicate Diamond Pearl Tools

Within Pokémon Center the avatar will remain hidden, but for the failure to be successful it is necessary to reach the basement taking the Mechanic stairs On the right. To reach your destination, all you have to do is walk 2 steps up and about 6 steps to the right. If everything has been done correctly, you will hear the sound of mechanical stair.

After reaching the basement, go back by doing a simple step to the right to resume the Mechanic stairs and, once you get to the main floor, 6 steps left me 2 down. At this point, the avatar should be out, allowing you to use the move Fly.

Place the marker on the city you want to go to. The choice is not relevant to success. press the A key in the desired city and press the X key immediately. Buttons should not be pressed at the same time, but at a distance of about half a second. This will open the screen of the Main menu overlapping the City map. By confirming the choice to fly to the previously selected city, our character will fly there and the screen of the Main menu will remain also open on arrival.

Once in the new city it is advisable to go to a blind point inside a structure to avoid various obstacles and impediments hinder the following steps. He remember never press the B key to avoid closing the Main menu.

Duplicate Diamond Pearl Tools

Once positioned, press the option Pokemon and open the screen Cash register with the R button. Select the first Pokémon of the Cash register pressing the A key. This will open the screen with all possible actions to perform on the monster (Move, Info, Tool, Mark, Free, Back). Then press the X button to bring up the Main menu overlap.

Choose the option Pokemon from the Menu and open the screen again Cash register pressing the R button. At this point it will be enough put the tools in the bag held by Pokémon.

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