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How to Get Black Widow Skins for Free – Black Widow Cup Start Time – HITC

How to Get Black Widow Skins for Free – Black Widow Cup Start Time – HITC

Fortnite Season 4 is a collaboration with Marvel, Epic Games is reportedly planning to integrate with Marvel for many more years... The season gave us things like Iron Man and the bewitching She-Hulk, but fans will be able to get Black Widow for free before she arrives at the item shop. Here you will learn how to get the iconic Marvel character for free by knowing the start time of Fortnite’s Black Widow Cup.

As part of Marvel Knockout Super Series Beginning with Daredevil Then continued with Ghost Rider, a series of tournaments will continue on November 18th after Natasha Romanov’s outing. I don’t know who the superheroes will be admired in this tournament, but it’s a date the knockout duo should remember.

But before another mysterious hero or villain can reach you, here’s how to get Black Widow skins for free at Fortnite by knowing the start time of the corresponding cup.

How to get BlackWidow skins for free on Fortnite

To get free snow suit skins, you need to rank from 1st to 1,200th in Europe during the Black Widow Cup.

For NA East and West, you can get BlackWidow skins for free on Fortnite only if you are ranked between 1st and 750th and 1st and 300th.

Get a superhero cosmetic outfit to finish somewhere between the aforementioned positions, and get back bling.

What time does the Black Widow Cup start at Fortnite?

The BlackWidow Cup will start at Fortnite at 12:00 ET on November 11th in Europe.

For East and West North America, the Black Widow Cup starts at Fortnite at 18:00 ET and 21:00 ET on the same day.

Below is a list of all start times for the November 11th tournament (via) Epic Games):

  • OCE-02: 00 ET
  • Asia-04:00 ET
  • ME-09:00 ET
  • EU-12: 00 ET
  • BR – 16:00 ET
  • Certainly-18: 00 ET
  • NAW-9 pm ET

If you couldn’t get the Black Widow skin for free during the Fortnite Cup, you can get her right away from the Item Shop.

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