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How to have Apple Fitness + in Spain and other countries


The change of region will not solve anything

The most common is to think that make a change to the iPhone region may end up making this service appear for you. However, it is not that easy. Although this works with other functions such as the Apple News + application, the company has been smart in this regard. He wants to do everything possible so that in no case can you use this function if it is not ready for your country. This is something that may be slightly reminiscent of what happened in the case of the arrival of the electrocardiogram function to the Apple Watch, although this time the place of purchase of the device was used.

The key: create an Apple ID in the United States

Since you cannot do a simple region change on the iPhone or iPad, you must go a step further. When creating a new Apple account, one of the steps they ask is your region. The key is to set as the region of the account in the United States. If you are reading this, you probably already have an Apple ID with which you use the different services of the company such as iCloud Drive or Apple Music. ‘

At any time you can create another Apple ID And this is where the key is so that you can use the Fitness + service. You simply have to enter the Apple website or through iPhone, iPad or Mac and in the user section you can create a new account as if you were a new member of the ecosystem. As we have commented previously in the registration process you will simply have to choose the United States as the region. Additionally, you will be asked for an address that you can make up directly, although the really important thing is to check a real postal code in the United States. This query can be done through the different navigation applications or by making a query online. For example, the zip code 20001 belongs to Washington DC In the event that a payment method is requested, you can skip it or add a rechargeable card.

Create Apple ID

Once you have the account created, you simply have to get the iPhone or iPad with which you want to have Apple Fitness +. Close the session that you have started with your current Apple ID and proceed to start it again with the new account. Once this is done, in the Fitness application you will see the possibility of subscribing to this service using the trial period.

This does not mean that it is quite uncomfortable to have to change accounts in case you want to use your personal account or the US one to carry out this type of test. But through this system you can use this service wherever you are.

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