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how to install and use this firewall with graphical interface

how to install and use this firewall with graphical interface

Gufw, the Linux firewall

Gufw is a security tool that we can install on our operating system Linux. It is one of the many options that we have of this type and very easy to use. It allows you to configure all the connections that we want to allow on our computer, as well as those that we want to block to improve security. We already know that there are many attacks that we can suffer through the network and it is convenient to know at all times what we are allowing.

This program can be installed in operating systems such as Ubuntu OR Linux Mint. It is very easy to add from the application system, as well as from the terminal. In the latter case we will have to execute the following command:

sudo apt-get install gufw

We will request the admin password and it will start downloading the necessary packages. It is a quick process and we will have it available to use in our operating system. Later we will only have to go to the location and open it.

Steps to use Gufw

Once we have opened it we will see a first window where we can select profile. For example we can put Home, which would be for home users. The interface is simple and intuitive. Below we also get help in case we want to delve into how this tool works.

Gufw activated

To the power add different profiles It means that we will be able to configure it for each situation. For example, create specific rules for when our equipment connects to the home network and others for when it connects to a public network or to the work network. In this way we will always guarantee security no matter what connection we are using.

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Below the profile we will see a button to turn it on or off. If we want to have it active we will simply have to press and it will show us the marked tick. From there we can add new rules and have it available.

In the rules section is where we can mark those that are already predetermined or add new ones, as we want. First we have to click on “+”, which appears below, and in this way add the ones we want. There are three options: preconfigured, simple, and advanced rules. We can mark each of the sections and see all the information regarding them.

Rules configuration in Gufw

The section of advanced rules It is where we will find many options, such as the IP address, ports, protocols … In short, different points that we can modify to add to the firewall.

Gufw Advanced Rules

These options, the predefined, basic and advanced rules require manual configuration, as we have seen. We will have to put the parameters we want.

On the other hand we also have the section Report. If we click there we will see a list of all the applications that are using the network at that moment and the established connections. This also helps us to ensure that everything is going correctly and not have problems that could put our safety at risk.

Gufw Report

The third section that we will see is that of Registry. There will appear a list with all the actions carried out by the firewall. This means that it will show us if you have paused a connection, for example, or when it has been activated or deactivated.

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Definitely, Gufw it is an interesting firewall that we can install on our Linux systems. It is very useful for those who want to have total control over their network, over the different connections and the use of the applications. Furthermore, as we have seen, it is very easy to install and use. It has the basic functions that we can expect from this type of program.

From RedesZone we recommend always having security programs. This is something that we must apply in all types of operating systems that we are using. It does not matter if it is Windows, Linux or any other for mobile devices. All of them can be vulnerable and leave our networks exposed. Hence the importance of a good firewall and other security tools.