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Is there a way to check if have you suffered a fall or stopped working? There is nothing more frustrating than wanting to enter the app to share photos and videos and see that the is not working, something that makes you doubt if the problem is about your smartphone, your internet operator or the application itself. Here we show you how to clear that doubt. What should I do?

To check if Instagram has fallen or has stopped working, first we are going to give you a few tips on what to watch on your cell phone to see if it is a matter of your device or your internet. If not, we will tell you two web pages where you can check if the social network has stopped working.

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Check that it is not your smartphone

Check that the fall of Instagram is not due to your cell phone. (Photo: Mag)

The first thing you have to do is verify that the problem of not being able to enter and use Instagram is not caused by your device. For that, and although it is a bit obvious, check that your mobile data or WiFi is enabled on your cell phone from the options panel. Also check that airplane mode is not activated, since you may have accidentally given and deactivated the connection.

Another easy way to check that your mobile is working well is to use any other application or open the browser of your device and try to access any website. If it doesn’t work, something may be wrong with your connection and you can’t access the Internet. If everything works properly in your smartphone Then it is time to verify the use of the Instagram application.

How to know if Instagram is down

If your cell phone works correctly then maybe the problem is the Facebook application, and there are websites to check the status from service. These are very easy to read and will be useful to clear up any doubts. Also, it will only take you a few seconds to enter the pages.

It is a page that checks to see the status of a website. In this you will see the name of Instagram, its URL, the response time and its status. If the word UP appears in green with the legend is active and accessible to us is that the page is working correctly and does not register any crash in its processes.

It's Down Right Now?  It is a page that checks the operation of Instagram.  (Photo: Mag)
It’s Down Right Now? It is a page that checks the operation of Instagram. (Photo: Mag)

Below these data about the photos and videos application, a series of blue bars will appear with the response time. Don’t worry, here we explain what they mean: the lower they are, the better the service will be working. If no bar appears, Instagram is down, and when blue bars of any size appear again, you will know that it has returned to work properly.

There is also another website that does not do checks, but rather records user reports. Is named , and a graph will appear with the evolution of the number of reports. When you see an upward spike on the graph, it’s because Instagram is having trouble. of operation.

DownDetector records user reports on Instagram.  (Photo: Mag)
DownDetector records user reports on Instagram. (Photo: Mag)

Above the graph you have a red button that is used to report the problems you may be experiencing, and below a section Most reported problems where you will be told the type of issues that are being reported. But the most outstanding thing is the graph, if Instagram does not work for you and you see that there is a peak on the web at that very moment, it is very possibly because it has fallen.


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