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How to Make a 3-D Product Model of Yourself


Today, you can create various versions of 3D models of a person, for example, a reduced bust or a miniature replica.

The process of making a three-dimensional model of people consists of several stages.


Modern 3D scanners are compact electronic devices that are backlit.  It can be a laser or a conventional flashlamp.  Three-dimensional scanning allows you to get a copy with an accuracy of hundreds of micrometers, taking into account millimeter details.  Thus, when constructing a volumetric model, it is possible to achieve the effect of a “living” person.

How does the process take place?

1. Scanning the form

This type of scan is used when only the shape of the object is important.  For example, when creating an exact replica of a life-size face, making three-dimensional models for films.

2. Scanning with color rendering

This method is used when creating a miniature human figurine, when it is necessary to transfer the color gamut as accurately as possible to the layout for printing.

In the modern world, contact and non-contact 3D scanners are used.  The non-contact scanner is shaped like a small iron.  Three-dimensional scanning of a person is a non-contact process, the duration of which is 15-20 minutes.

The world of technology constantly pleases with its discoveries.  More recently, Spanish scientists presented a scanner to the world community that allows you to create a three-dimensional model of a person in a few seconds.  The novelty is not yet intended for mass production, but in the future this device may make 3D scanning available to most.

The scanning process is as follows: a person is on a special rotating platform and the scanner creates numerous images that are transferred to a computer.

In fact, there are many ways to create 3D models.  The main thing for this is to turn to real professionals in their field to 3d product modeling company.


At this stage, the resulting model is edited in a special program.  All the wishes of the client are taken into account, for example, to make the figure slimmer or remove the belly.  In terms of time, this process takes a maximum of an hour.

The layout can be viewed from different angles before printing.  After starting printing, a special window will display the percentage of completion indicating the current playback layer.


Today, 3D models have many applications.  That is why they are so popular.

1. Medicine.

2. Souvenir products.

3. Film industry and theatrical art.

4. Computer games.

5. Jewelry.

6. The sphere of entertainment.

Mini-models of a person are actively used today as souvenirs.

The trick of the statuettes being made is that a 3D copy allows you to convey emotions, facial expressions, and gestures.  For example, you can make a copy of a person with any facial expression and pose.

Nowadays, studios for creating 3D models of people appear in the countries of Eastern Europe.  Similar workshops are already operating in Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries.

The creation of a 3D model of a person is a promising direction in the field of 3D printing, the development of which is rapidly gaining momentum.  The sphere of 3D technologies is a field for research, discovery and implementation of digital technologies.

Therefore, now even the most complex 3D model can be realized.  The main thing is to contact the right place where real professionals work and create

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