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how to prepare for the new revolution


Now everything is ready for it to turn off of digital terrestrial. We explain what this term means and how to prepare for the new technological revolution.

Turn off, when English enters the homes of all Italians (PixaBay)

Some terms in English have entered daily use with force, also because they belong to important topics transmitted to the general public on television or social networks. Consider, for example, the to turn off“From digital terrestrial, undoubtedly a “hot” topic due to its economic and technological repercussions. In fact, behind the two foreign words there is a revolution destined to change forever – in the true sense of the term – the watch content on television, with the consequent benefits in terms above all qualitative and efficient.

For Italian language purists, the following explanation applies. When it comes to “to turn off“(In Italian translatable as” darkening “) refers to that gradual process abandonment from the stream digital terrestrial transmission system, adopting the new standard referred to in technical jargon “DVB-T2The reasons behind such a choice are different, but we can basically trace them along opportunistic lines: many of the frequencies occupied today by televisions, those, by the way, identified in the 700 MHz band – will be free in the future in favor of companies active in the telecommunications sector, which will thus be able to exploit them for expand the reach of 5G networks.

So let’s imagine it as a kind of changing of the guard, animated by the clear objective of rejuvenating and modernizing two key sectors in the technological field: on the one hand, higher quality viewing of television content; on the other, an increase in the maximum Internet browsing speed. With regard to terrestrial digital, the first disruptive effect will be sought precisely in the improvement of television broadcasts, which at the end of the to turn off will go to Coding system “MPEG-4”, until now used only by HD channels. What does this all mean? In short, all those channels, so to speak “standard” (ie those that are based on the current standard “MPEG-2”) will be destroyed, giving way to high resolution ones. In short, that changing of the guard that was mentioned a few lines ago is back in fashion.

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How to check the compatibility of your television or home decoder with the new digital terrestrial

Turn off digital terrestrial consequences
Some test channels will allow you to check the compatibility of the television or decoder with the new digital terrestrial (PixaBay)

On the consumer side, this is a major revolution, even under the purely economic one. The turn off the digital terrestrial will in fact put out of the game all those external TVs or set-top boxes does not support the HD standard. In simpler words, all those devices that, for example, are not capable of tuning to channel 501 hosting Rai 1 HD will be sung. To reproduce television broadcasts according to the latest technological languages, it will be necessary to have a television or a decoder compatible with the DVB-T2 standard and encodes HEVC at 10 bit.

All the latest generation televisions are obviously prepared for the digital revolution, but considering that the DVB-T2 HEVC standard has existed for some time, it is not ruled out a priori that the devices marketed in recent years are already equipped with all the ornaments. bypass with the test happened to turn off. Some simple operations will allow you check if the home TV is able to handle the new MPEG-4 course and for the sake of further simplification, we will mention only one, which is also immediately understandable: it will be enough connect to test channels “100” or “200”; where the screen returns the writing “HEVC Main 10 Test“The game is done, otherwise you will have to update your TV or external decoder with a more modern and recent device.

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Make the economic impact caused by the to turn off, the state has made available a TV voucher worth 50 euros to spend until December 31, 2022: families with ISEE value less than 20 thousand euros.

Finally, remember that the transition to the new frequencies will take place in several stages: the debut will coincide with the first of September next and will affect the northern regions, and then finish in its entirety a June 2022, in the last case covering the southern regions.

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