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How to properly set up a play corner

How to properly set up a play corner

When gaming, time flies: hours of non-motion in front of the screen are not uncommon. Ergonomic equipment is even more important.

the essentials in brief

  • A quality desk chair is essential.
  • Special gaming desks guarantee optimal gaming fun.
  • Proper lighting is important for the play corner.

For many people, the game console next to the TV in the living room is enough. But those who are really actively involved in hobby games have higher demands.

Desk with room for multiple monitors

Whether it’s a gaming console or a high-performance gaming PC, a single monitor is often no longer enough.

Players want to have different things at the same time and possibly also want to be active, for example in a video chat.

A good desk especially for gamers is designed for this: over the actual table, it offers a narrower, higher top for two or three monitors.

As a result, they are also slightly raised and allow for a healthier upright sitting position.

The table top should be as large as possible. In addition to the keyboard and controller, another laptop often has to be accommodated here.

If you use speakers, you can install them on both sides of the desk.

Do you consider yourself a player?

In most families, headphones create a more peaceful climate. Nice side effect: the headset’s built-in microphone makes it easy to communicate with other gamers online.

Don’t forget storage space

Who remembers the big plastic boxes full of floppy disks these days? Cloud storage and streaming services have made local storage media almost superfluous.

Storage space is still important. Older games on CD-ROM find their place here, as well as replacement parts and additional drivers. Many desks have built-in shelves next to the desk chair.

Alternatively, a half-height standing shelf can be placed next to the desk. This is also where the printer finds its place, which has not served its purpose to this day.

Free shelf space can be stocked with collectible figures and other merchandise from your favorite games, as well as books and comics.

Games: a good desk chair is important

The cliché wants players to forget their entire surroundings through exciting games. This is precisely why a high-quality, ergonomic office chair that relieves your back on long gaming nights is important.

A multi-adjustable chair that always adapts to a new seating position is ideal.

Eyes get fatigued when the monitor is the only light source at night.

Therefore, when setting up a game corner, you need to think about the right lighting: a wall lamp on the side of the desk that does not glare is ideal.

Floor lamps or uplighters are also very suitable for night lighting. Now there are also gaming tables whose tables are lined with LED strips in a color such as red or blue. A great eye-catcher!

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