5 Ways To Publish Games For Free

Publishing games can be very hectic and challenging at times because you would have to research and contact a lot of publishers to feature your game on their platform. However, it is not challenging anymore because tens of platforms have been developed that can help you publish games to a great number of audience. We’ll explain the Top 5 ways and platforms to publish games for free.

  1. Social Media or YouTube

YouTube and Social Networks such as Facebook and Twitter might work great for you. You just need to contact the channels or pages relevant to your niche and they will publish your content. Some of the channels however charge a little fees, but it would be nothing as compared to the audience you’ll be getting. One more way to utilize Social Media is you can boost the link or website of your game so that your game can reach to a larger number of audience. Many game developers utilize YouTube to publish games because YouTube is the most effective in gaming and as well has a Gaming website.

  1. Google Drive/OneDrive or Any Other Cloud Storage

You can upload and public your game on cloud storage and promote the link on threads and other social media forums related to your niche. This method, however, does not help you with marketing but still it could lead to hundreds and maybe thousands of downloads in a very short span of time.

  1. Steam Partner Program

You can also publish games via Steamworks Partner Program; though, they charge a minimal fee for distribution, but it won’t cost much. Steam is one of the biggest game distribution company, and if your game gets approved and found to have enough potential, the audience will definitely download it promote it in their networks.

  1. Roast My Game

This is one of the amazing ways to publish and promote your game for free. The website offers reviewing, which helps you get reviews on your games once you have published your game content on the website. However, you first need to review other games before getting your game reviewed. The platform has a lot of potential and is one of the fastest growing platform in its niche. It can help you in numerous ways, such as it can help you drive traffic to your game’s website and other social media channels.

  1. Reddit

Reddit is also one of the most productive platforms to get your news out on the search engines and other social networks. You just need to post at the relevant Subreddit. You can also ask your members in the Subreddit to upvote your content so that it can reach to a larger number of audience.

We hope these 5 platforms and ways will help you publish games and drive traffic to your website or social media channels. We wish you best of luck for you game!

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